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It’s here.What Everybody need To Know About Buckingham Palace.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is one of the most visited places in the United Kingdom, and it is the most notable majestic building in the UK.

What month is Buckingham Palace open to the public?

Buckingham Palace opens for the public visit again throughout summer 2019, from 22nd July till 29th September 2019. Buy your visiting tickets of Buckingham Palace and discover the Royal Family residence.

Buckingham Palace Facts:

Buckingham Palace is the London living place of Her Majesty the Queen. Besides the Palace is one of a couple of working imperial royal family residences left on the planet which situated in the Westminster area.  Although, the palace is one of the most visited places among London Eye, St. Paul Cathedral, Stonehenge, Winsor  Castle and Warwick Castle as well as being a royal residence. Buckingham Palace found in the heart of London and encompassed by two famous parks, and it is also the centre for national celebrating in the UK.


Buckingham Palace Rooms: How many bedrooms are there in Buckingham Palace?

In brief, the Palace has 19 State Rooms, 188 staff bedrooms, 52 master bedrooms, 92 offices and 78 bathrooms. The Palace generally utilised by the Royal family to captivate visitors on their State, stately and authority visits the United Kingdom. In total, the Palace has 775 rooms. The Staterooms are wonderfully providing with hoarded wealth from the Royal Collection. The rooms decorated with paintings and traditional furniture from France and England.

Is Buckingham Palace open to the public? Can you get a tour of Buckingham Palace?

When the Queen makes her yearly visit to Scotland, the Royal residence is open to the general public. People can buy a ticket to visit the Palace. 

Buckingham Palace tour

Who owns Buckingham Palace? 

The monarch doesn’t own the Palace belongs to the British State. In general, every year in summer around 50,000 guests entertained throughout three Garden Parties at Buckingham Palace. But one of the most visited ceremonies is the changing of the Guard which is a top attraction for UK visitors and tourists. In a word,  Buckingham Palace tour is an absolute necessity for any guest who is visiting London throughout the end of July and September.

Can you visit Buckingham Palace gardens?


Known as the “walled desert garden amidst London” Buckingham Palace‘s enclosure is as attractive as the building with more than 350 separate types of wild blossoms. The finale of a visit is a stroll along the south side of the arrangement with perspectives over the acclaimed lake. If you have planned to visit London between the 22nd July to the end of September, you can buy your ticket to attend the Place.

Changing guards at Buckingham Palace

Accordingly, one of the most exciting events is changing Guard at Buckingham Palace that attracts millions of visitors every year.

Also, if you are fascinated about having afternoon tea and visiting Buckingham Palace for almost 4 hours, you can book the Buckingham Palace tour with us and relax.


How do you get to Buckingham Palace?

To travel to the Buckingham Palace, you have different transports option. However, one of the alternative transportation to Buckingham Palace is the Open Bus Tour London. If you have the ticket for this service, then don’t worry about how to get there. Just use the service and take off the stop near the palace at Westminster Bridge.

How do I get to Buckingham Palace by tube?

By Underground: Victoria Station(Victoria Line), Green Park (Victoria Line, Piccadilly Line and Jubilee line)Hyde Park Corner (Piccadilly Line)

Tube map: Click here to see the London underground map

London Red Buses: The following bus numbers have a stop near the Palace.11, 211, C1, C10

You can use the journey planner and depends on your location to find the best transport to get to the Palace.

Buckingham Palace

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