Effective Ways To Get More Out Of A Walk in London!

a walk around london

A walk in London is the best way to explore the magnet city. The best option  is on your foot, with a pair of good shoes. Is the cheapest, but the best way.

Before we start out a walk in London let us remind you that even the best London walking tours guide you just for few hours and after that, you are on your own!a walk in London

This short guide cover very small but most magnificent and historical part of the city of London. Of course, to explore all attractions and the city by walking, you need plenty of time, energy and a pair of good and comfortable shoes.

A walk in London on your foot has a load of benefits. for instance is the cheapest and you are free to stop in your favourite places as long as you like. Within a short distance, you can cover many of the attractive main sights of London.

But in the case of getting tired and decide to use the London Red Buses or London Underground for returning to your place. Just make sure that you have your Oyster Card with you. Also, don’t forget to grab a street map of London from your hotel’s lobby. It’s handy and it’s Free!

a walk around london

Most probably you would like to see Buckingham Palace and changing of the guard.  The walk suggested here is in fact, circular. However, you can start from any place you like or interested. 

Changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace 

 The Guard and band arriving at 11:15 am and at 11:30 officially the change of guards starts. The ceremony finishes at 12 noon.

St. James Park

After changing guards ceremony, to carry on with a walk in London plan,  justa walk around london walk through beautiful St. James Park to make your way towards the south. St. James Park is a peaceful and magnificent park.  You can have plenty of pictures around the park and the Lake with your family and friends. Also, don’t forget that the Guards Museum is on the left-hand side of the park in Birdcage Walk.

House of Parliament and House of Lords

Further up and at the end of Birdcage walk (towards the south), you will see the House of Parliament and House of Lords. Just near to the parliament house, you can discover the famous St, Margaret’s Church dated back to 11th century and its immediate next door is Jewel Tower. Although maximum part of the Westminster Abbey was destroyed in 1834, Jewel Tower survived from this catastrophic accident. It was built to house the jewels of the king and now it has become an attraction for the tourists.

Big Ben

To continue with a walk in London guide, at the eastern end of House of Parliament, the Big Ben,a walk around london the London’s famous icon is just above your head. The Big Ben began to build in 1020.

On the way, If you keep going to the south of the Jewel tower, you can see a large grass area at the end of which there is a road; the Great college Street.

When you enter the road, you can feel a different atmosphere. Going through the street you will discover many iconic buildings. At the end of the street, there is Dean’s yard and you can compare it with a small village being located in a dense urban settlement. The area is surrounded by schools and churches.

walk in london

Westminster Abbey

At the end of the yard, you will discover the entry of the most desirable and attractive tourist site- the Westminster Abbey. The historic building you will see was erected in 1065 AD. As a religious place now it has become a place for coronations, funerals and marriages.

Leaving the Westminster Abbey, keep walking towards the north. Cross the Victoria Street and then turn on the next door, Storey Gate where you are facing to Central Hall. It housed the first assembly of United Nations. Central Hall is using for large conference venues and it’s one of the English favourite film location.

To continue with a walk in London plan keep walking along the Storey Gate street to the north. At the T-junction, turn left and immediate right to go to Horus Guards Road.

Horse Guards

 Every day changing of the guards is held at 11:00 am. You will certainly discover some crowd at the end of the road. However the crowd is smaller compared to the Buckingham Palace, you can get a closer view.

After few minutes walking turn right again to Kings Charles Street where you can see the Cabinet War Rooms which will bring you back to the Second World War. Further walking along the King Charles Street, you will find that you are surrounded by the imposing government buildings on either side.

Downing Street

At the end of King Charles Street turn left to Whitehall and on the right side of the road is the Cenotaph, dated back to 1920.

Banqueting House

The next interesting place on another side of Whitehall is the Banqueting House, which used to be part of Whitehall palace the biggest place in the medieval age.

The Whitehall palace had over 1500 rooms, but the Banqueting House is the only survival place after London fire in 1968. The War office which is a military command office is on the north side of Banqueting House.

To continue with a walk around London you have to choose between going towards south or East. In the South, you can see the stunning Icon Coca-Cola London Eye and rest of historical and magnificent buildings and famous River Thames and from the east heading to Trafalgar Square.

In the next article, A walk around London will continue to those places.




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