Visit London- Is it your first visit to London? London Travel guide offers all you should know for your holiday or business travel to London.

Read the guide and discover the tips and information to plan your trip. Our London vacation travel guide is aiming to help you have a perfect, smooth, and enjoyable stay!

First visit to London?

Our Free London vacation travel guide is guiding you to explore London to have more fun and save money. Here you can find ideas about free places to go in London, attractions, sightseeing, London transportation, events, and vital traveller information. 

When is the Best Time to Visit London?

Sometimes the first time travellers ask when is the best time to visit London? In Britain, you need to take the daylight hours and weather into notice. So, the best time to visit London is during spring and summer.  Yet, some who might travel on a tight budget could consider January, February, the end of November, and the start of December. To sum up,  we believe that visiting London has no right or wrong time. As there is always something to do throughout the year. 

More Tips or Suggestion from Free London Travel Guide

    • New Year’s Eve: Fireworks kicking off your calendar for an exciting evening of magic.
    • Join the Christmas Carols event from 26th of November to 28th of December. These unique concerts at the Royal Abert Hall in Kensington have grown to be joyful and one of the favourite. Sing with beloved classics in the glorious environment.
    • You can always come for a visit around Valentine’s Day or the Chinese New Year.
    • During spring the city has the London Coffee Festival, Chelsea in Bloom floral art festival, and the Chelsea Flower Show.
    • Another must-do in London around spring is the Open Garden Squares weekend offering you some hidden gardens open to the public
    • Also, you can visit London in the summer for the Wimbledon Tennis Championships and the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show.
    • Other highlights are the Proms at the Royal Albert Hall plus the Notting Hill Carnival
    • During autumn, there are some expansive events in the Open House London with the architectural gems made accessible to the public. Followed up by Bonfire Night, the Lord Mayor’s Show, and Poppy Day making it a great start to winter.
    • Last, another have to visit in London is the annual Christmas lights to complete the year.

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Where to begin?

As you will discover soon from the London vacation travel guide, you realise that the city has a lot to offer for all choices and budgets. Our London city guide comprises handy tips to help you create the best plan for your trip. We offer practical ideas for going around the city and outside London.

The London vacation guide offers something to every taste and everyone to have a perfect stay. But first thing first! if you are a first-time traveller, we suggest before everything you need to know about London transport and how it works.

What is the cheapest way to travel in London?

Oyster Card

TFL London Oyster card offers the most affordable way to travel. If you have an Oyster Card that enables you to travel everywhere in London. To find out more about Oyster Card and other ways of paying for your travel expenses check out the Advantages Of using Oyster Card or Contactless Cards in London.

Options for Travelling Around London!

When you arrive in London, you will find several options for travelling around the city. Let’s discover our London City Guide and find out about Public Transport options in London:

      • Underground(Tube)London vacation travel guide

        The underground (Tube) is the first choice in our London Travel Guide. Using the Tube is one of the popular options for many tourists to travel around London. The network is well connected and Tube trains arriving less than every 5 minutes. So, that makes the Tube one of the fastest ways to travel and generally is the best option. Our previous article could give you more information about getting around London with London Underground. Read more…!

        • Overgroundover ground Trains

          Transport for London operates the rail services overground on six train routes throughout London. For more information, please see our guide to London Overground.

          • London Busesfree london travel guide

            Using the famous London Red Buses is another suggestion in our London Travel Guide. Travelling by bus gives you a better option to view the city. However, the drawback is taking longer and you might need to change your bus a few times.

            Transport for London is managing the Bus routes as well. This is one of the largest bus networks in Europe. It has over 8500 different buses serving London from over 50 bus station. There is absolutely no pressure waiting for the buses in London, as they are very reliable. Read more…! 

          • DLR (Docklands Light Railway)

            DLR or Docklands Light Railway operating fully automated trains in the Dockland area, which is in South and East London. The rail system is fully automated and therefore no driver.

          • Rail Services 

            Rail services trains connect central London to its surrounding suburbs. The fast trains working nationwide and link the capital to the other parts of the UK, including some airports like Heathrow, Stansted, and Gatwick. Read more…!

          • Tram

            Tram is yet another public service in South London. This service covers Beckenham, Croydon, and Wimbledon. The Tram cost works just like the London Buses and accepts contactless and the Oyster card.

          • London Black Cabs Taxilondon vacation travel guide

            London is covered by 25000 Black Cabs. The iconic and famous London Taxi is another form of transportation. Drivers have to pass a two years course and learn the beneficial information referred to as “Knowledge”. effectively. If anyone passes the course means the driver is able to navigate the city without having navigations or maps.

            The first motorised taxi cabs started to work In 1908. But the model we see currently on London street came in 1945. Did you know it is against the law to raise your voice shout for a black cab?

            The best way is to raise your hand to stop a black cab. Some might find the London black cabs a bit more expensive as compared to other forms of transfer. Still, if you have to use a taxi and you are a group of 4 or 5 passengers, black cab fares might work out cheaper. Black cabs accept bank or credit cards but they don’t accept Oyster cards. another alternative payment method to London Black Cabs is to pay cash.

          • Bicycles

            Bicycles are the top choice in our London City Guide. The public bicycles rolled out London streets in 2010 as a new public transport option. free london travel guideYou can find the public cycle pick up points almost all over the city, and is one of the popular and preferred ways to get around London. Using the services of a bicycle is simple. The first 30 minutes are free to check the bike but after that, it costs £2 for a day.

            So, you can ride to London for only £2. You need to check the bike and make sure everything is in order. All you need is to have a bank or credit card to pay your £2 charge. To return you can choose any bicycle points on your way back.

          • Download Welcome To London – (London City Guide) Transport for London’s Guide for Visitors [PDF 4.8MB]
  • Where to go and what to do in London?


Let start with Free Things to Do In London!

If this is your first visit to London, you be happy to know that there are many free things to do in London while visiting. Here you can find some great ideas to get you started. If you are travelling with kids, you can also have a look at what you can do free with kids here! So, we are only focusing on some of the best ones available right here in London.

London Free Art Galleries

Art Galleries are the perfect place to start if this is your first visit to London. Both Tate Modern and Tate Britain are exceptional galleries for visiting free. They cater from contemporary art seen at Tate Britain to modern art in Tate Modern.

Some other interesting art galleries included in the list are the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square and the National Portrait Gallery. Just off Oxford Street, you can find a perfect escape at the Wallace Collection. Also, remember all the major museums and galleries stay open until late.

London Free Museums

In London City Guide you will find some of the world-class free museums where you and friends or family can spend quality time to explore history, art, or science.  One of the favourites is the Museum of London. Where you can learn all about the history of London dates back to Roman times.

The Geffrye Museum has some great English domestic interiors bringing to life. How it looked like way back in London. While the Horniman Museum is a great place to start your day out—go see the over-stuffed walrus for a great treat. 

Here we will see more free museums in London: British Museum, Bank of England Museum, Imperial Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum, Natural History Museum, Science Museum. The mentioned museums are free entry with special exhibitions for a fee.

London Gardens & Parks

One of our suggestions in the free London travel guide is visiting the famous gardens and parks. They are great peaceful places for family days out and are free to explore. The Queen Mary’s Rose Garden in Regent’s Park is a favourite spot for tourists and the locals. We also advise you to visit St., James Park.

It has the best views of the famous Buckingham Palace. Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park are side by side and included the Diana Memorial Playground with a Peter Pan statue. Greenwich Park is a perfect spot to have a picnic and days out with kids.

Street Performers and Markets

Free things to do in London are endless. Follow our London vacation guide and find out about the street performers entertaining guests at the Covent Garden Market. They draw vast crowds and even get the audience to partake in their acts.

On the weekends, there are street performers along with the South Bank and outside the National Theatre. Try to visit some of the famous street markets. One of the popular street markets is Portobello and Camden Market. On the other hand, why not look at the London Street Market Guide.

Where to shop in London?

Souvenir Shops 

In most cases, you can find souvenir shops to browse at every corner in the city centre. but if you need something unique visit the Buckingham Palace or Fortnum & Mason shop. With them, you can find eatable goodies and ideal gifts to take home. For royal souvenirs, the Buckingham Palace shop has some plush toys like the Queen’s corgis that are amazing.

London Bookstores 

Besides, for the bookworms, you can find loads of London Bookstores throughout the city as well. There are seven specialities and nine independent bookshops for you to browse. One place you cannot miss is in Marylebone High Street, Daunt Books. 

Fashion & Shopping Places in London

To find out about shopping in London please check out the below links:


Best Places to Stay in London

Our London City Guide is not complete without addressing you where to stay in London. In the London Neighbourhood, you can find some beautiful places to stay close to London attractions. Whether you want to stay in King’s Cross-, upscale South Kensington, Bloomsbury, West End, or Earls Court, you can find something to suit your taste and pocket.

On the other hand, you can also find the best London Hotels once choosing your location as there is no shortage of places to stay. To avoid sadness, we suggest you book early, especially during the peak months of summer. Check out the following links and see how you can save money on your hotel reservation.

Day Trips Outside London & Surrounding Areas

As in London, the tours and attractions outside London are infinite. Halfday tours to Stonehenge, Warwick Castle, Windsor Castle, Oxford City, Cambridge, Bath, Salsbury, and Stratford-upon-Avon one are just a few of them.

You can also take a combined tour such as Windsor Castle, Bath & Stonehenge Tour, Salisbury, Windsor, Stonehenge & City of Bath, Windsor Castle, Oxford, and Stonehenge tour and much more. Still, touring alone or part of a group find all the information you need in our complete list of Best sights in London & The Best Day Trips out of London to guide you more.

More Guide to outside London Tours & Final Words

Now, if you have time on hand, we suggest you take the Cotswolds or Kent tour. Though, we have more than sixteen-weekend trips you can take. We hope that you find our free London travel guide a big help when planning your trip to the UK.

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