Why You Need To Visit Fantastic Camden Town Market In London

Camden Town Market

For most of tourists who visit London, going to Camden Town Market is a must see place.

Why most of London visitors are keen to see Camden Town Market?

Camden Town Market is one of London’s best tourist attractions and most popular hub for shopping diverse. Camden Town Market is Located in North West London and it is one of the most attractive holiday resort that attracting over 100,000 people every week and especially weekends to expense their time and money.

For most of tourists who visit London, going to Camden Town Market is a must see place.

What to expect to see in Camden Town Market?

The Market provides a range of items for almost everyone, from a simple shirt to many branded watch, clothes, leather shoes, jackets and designer handmade gifts from Camden designers; also a mix of people, foods and music from every part of the world.

Camden Town Market has become so popular that both visitors and local gather to hunt for treasures, gaze at the beautiful buildings, sample cuisine from around the globe, listen to live music and soak up the vibrant and diverse atmosphere. No matter what you need, you always can find it in Camden Market.
You can visit the Market every day, as the main shops are open seven days a week with no crowds at all. However, weekends and especially Sunday is the best and busiest day in Camden Town Market.

The Festive and Fashionable Markets of Camden

Actually, the world famous Camden Town Market is an amazing  complex of many minicamden town Market markets  and each market having its own unique features from the crafts and curiosities to the stall’s proclivity for all things.

Camden Lock Market

Since the early 1970s, it is the original Camden Town Market with a number of different stores and stalls to sell ornaments, unique gifts and garments of your choice.

Camden Stables Market

Having more than 700 stores and shops, Camden Stables Market is the largest market where you can buy attractive clothes, leather and shoes.

Camden Canal Market

Though smaller, Camden Canal Market is best for selling fashion, accessories, and gifts and you can shop here only two days a week: on Friday and Sunday.

Electric Ballroom

As an indoor market and open only at weekends, Electric Ballroom market is most remarkable for entertainment.

Inverness Street Market

Mostly famous for fruits and vegetables serving to the local community, Inverness Street Market is also a hot place for bargain clothes and souvenirs as well. It is open seven days a week from 8:30 am to 5 pm.

Buck Street Market

As Buck Street Market is the first large market and has a big ‘ Camden Town Market’ poster, people assume to as the main market. It is best known for selling fashion for all tastes.


Apart from these charming and luring markets, Camden Town has a lot to attract its tourists and visitors. There are a plenty of most stylish, modern and luxurious hotels where you can feel the real charm of the town.

If you decide to book  one of the hotels in Camden Town, Please click here to search for your hotel.

camden town Market

The Camden Lock Hotel

Situated in the centre of most fashionable Camden Town, the Camden Lock Hotel is the best place for tourists to stay. Its most amazing aspect is that you will get super accommodation and quality food. The famous Camden Market Regent’s park and London Zoo really enhance the beauty of this hotel.

Smart Camden Inn Hostel

Next but not least, the Smart Camden Inn Hostel in a perfect location, just a bit way from the Camden Market is the best venue for travellers.  It is perfect if you want a homely feel with a fresh and clean atmosphere.

Besides these, there are lots of fine places in Camden to explore and make your vacation more colourful and special. Do visit this glorious market of London.

Camden town Market

How to get to Camden Town Market?

London Travel Map is divided into 6 Zones and Camden Town Market is in Zone 2. Therefore depends on where you staying, you can choose your way, but first thing is first. Therefore make sure you have Oyster Card with enough credit on it or buy a Daily Travel Card to reduce the travel cost to Camden Town Market. London Transport is a very well connected system, therefore no matter where you stay you always would have plenty of choices to travel around London. For instance, to go to Camden Town Market you have a choice of using London Red Buses or London Underground. Click here for london budget travel tips


London Red Bus-History Museum camden townBuses to Camden Market:

21, 24, 27, 29, 31, 88, 168, 214, 253, 274



London Underground camden town

By Underground:

The nearest underground to Camden Town Market is Camden Town which is on Northern Line (Black Line)

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