Are you planning a trip to the United Kingdom and looking for UK visa requirements? Read this guide to know what you should!

As with any country you visit, these documents are important to enter the United Kingdom. Without these documents, your entire vacation will be a disaster. To avoid any hindrance prepare the crucial documents. This will make your life easy in London. Not only it will allow you to enter in the UK but will also help you to visit as many historical places as you can. So, don’t miss any of them. In fact, it’s key!


Visa and Passport Requirements for the UK

Visa and Passport Requirements for the UK      Do You Need a Passport?

So, when travelling from abroad and in need of entering the UK, you need a valid passport to the extent of your stay. If you are a European Union national with a valid ID card, you’re exempted. But the only requirements for an EU national are to provide proof of their European Union nationality and identity to enter any European Union member state. This can be a valid passport or identity card. The validity of their stay needs to be on the document. Such as, If you are travelling from Britain to Ireland, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, or the Isle of Man, the only validation needed is your driver’s licence. So, to prevent a delay when leaving the United Kingdom for the Republic of Ireland, you need to have your return tickets on hand. Simply, remember life is easy with following the rules. If you don’t wanna spoil it then having these documents is crucial. Different needs for different origin points, so make sure which rule applies to you. Which visa you need to enter the UK is solely depending on the region you belong to. But, in the end, life is easy if you have the documents.



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Visa and Passport Requirements for the UK

If you are a visitor, that is not on the EU list, you need to apply for a Visa. Nationals of the EU list only need to own their return ticket, proof of adequate funds, and a one-way ticket for the length of your stay. A standard visitor’s visa costs £89 and you can apply for a long-term visit visa costing you £337 for a two-year duration and £612 (5 years) and £767 (ten years). The Visa policy is essential to follow.

Also, a standard visitor’s visa is valid for 6-months only. Also, you may require a transit visa and costs £34. This allows you to change flights in the United Kingdom and must not pass through the immigration control centre and you need to leave within 24-hours. A visitor’s transit visa can cost you £62. This allows you to enter through border control and you need to leave the United Kingdom within 48-hours. With both the above-mentioned visas, you need to provide proof of transit to another country. There are long-term transit visas available if you frequently visit the UK. To apply for your visa you can do it online or visit the UK Government website for more details. These details are a must to know. Knowing can quick the process of Visa allocation. Just be wise to read and apply them.

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Extending Your Stay

If you applied to enter the country for three months, and need an extension. So, you can apply to the UK Visas and Immigration to stay up to 6-months from the date you entered the country. The costs for an extension on your visa are £993 when applying by post and £1,583 if you apply for it in person. By applying through the post, it can take up to 8 weeks for an answer. The maximum number of months you can stay in the UK is 6-months.


Visiting with Pets

As a visitor, there is visa and passport requirement for the UK. The same applies if you are bringing your pet from one of the EU listed countries. The animal needs to be micro-chipped, have a pet passport, or an official veterinary certificate. Also, they need to be vaccinated against rabies at least 21-days before their travel. If your pet is a dog, they need tapeworm treatments. If you are entering from a non-listed EU country, the same applies. So, the only difference is that you need a blood test taken 30-days after its rabies vaccination. But it needs to be done at least 3-months before the journey. Keeping your pet with these documents will help at every point in the UK.


If you are planning your trip to London, follow the visa and passport requirements for the UK to prevent any delays. Always make sure that you are a step ahead to avoid confrontation with the immigration control centre. This can harm you mentally. But if you know then you can take steps to avoid such events. London is a door to wonders and the Visa is the Key! Care about it as much as possible.