UK Tours discounted packages

Did know that you could see England in one day while visiting the UK ?

With UK Tours See the breathtaking countrysides, iconic landmarks, and first class heritage sites to explore throughout the country. 

UK Tours Out of London

The answer to the above question is yes, you could with UK Tours. Planning a trip to the United Kingdom, you will find our UK Tours most pleasing. See the breathtaking countrysides, iconic landmarks, and first class heritage sites to explore throughout the country. Be inspired from the sunny Southwest to the Scottish Highlands and some of the best views the UK has to offer.

As a leading UK Tour provider, we have selected some of the best tours available out of London. Have you ever seen England in one day or had lunch in Bibury? The United Kingdom has a wealth of mesmerizing places available on our UK Tours list check them out right here!

  1. See England in One Day

Who thought that you could see England in one day while visiting the UK – yes, you can with UK Tours making this all available to you! Why choose this tour because you can visit the Stonehenge, Bath, Stratford, and Cotswold in one day.

UK Tours discounted packages

Start your trip to one of the most historic monuments in the world, Stonehenge, and see the marvel of the 40-ton volcanic bluestones. Learn about the history of how these stones came into being and travel back in time with your audio headset. Enjoy discovering the mysteries that lie in this place before heading out for the Bath.

Travel in the luxury air-conditioned coach further on to Bath a world heritage site a city set in Georgian style with its magnificent architecture. Enjoy exploring and shopping at Cotswold taking in the breathtaking views of the countryside as UK Tours show you the dry-stone walls and the market towns with old churches on the way.

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Furthermore, visit Shakespeare’s Birthplace Museum greeted with champagne and strawberry scones in the magnificent garden at Stratford-upon-Avon. This charming town is in the heart of England with delightful river winds. Are you excited already – you are and you should be as the tickets only start from £88?

This is a giveaway price as you receive admission to the Stonehenge, entry to Shakespeare’s Birthplace Museum, and includes delicious champagne with strawberry scones.


  1. Paris One Day Trip

Have you ever wondered how it would feel to have champagne at the Eiffel Tower in Paris the city of love? You can with our UK Tour Pairs One Day Trip available from £225. Enjoy a day out of London and see the wonders of Paris as you travel with the Eurostar at 186mph to reach Pairs in only 2-hours.

UK Tours - Paris Tour

Arrive in the city of romance and enjoy the views of the Champs Elysees, the River Seine, and the

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Opera House before heading out to the Eiffel Tower. Enjoy a delicious lunch at this renowned monument as UK Tours present you with priority access and your own reserved seat. Take in the breathtaking views of the city while sipping on your champagne with a mouth-watering two-course meal.

After completing your meal, take a romantic cruise on the River Seine with its fabulous views of Place de la Concorde, Notre Dame, and Musee D’Orsay and head back to Gard du Nord making your journey back to London.

  1. Haunted London Open Bus Tour

Be afraid, very afraid as the UK Tours present you with a haunted London Open Bus Tour through London. Feel the ghostly side of London while travelling back in time on a vintage top double-decker open bus, walk through the eerie Smithfield market known to be the home of the cock-lane Ghost. Step back in time while retracing the steps of Jack the Ripper.

UK Tours - London Bus Tour

This UK Tours Discounted Package is a must see as you travel through the haunted streets while hearing the tales of all the legends at Westminster Abbey. See the house where Charles I was beheaded as your personal guide explains all the gory details. Hear the gruesome tale of the butcher barber who enjoyed cutting off more than just your hair.

Walk through the Smithfield market visiting the place where Braveheart was tortured and learn about famous snatchers Thomas Williams and William Wallace who dug up bodies for science. Do look out for the Cock Lane Ghost and hear her story of how she died. Visit London East End as the UK Tour shows you the place where Jack the Ripper butchered five of his victims. Moreover, after being haunted right out of your pants end your journey at Sherlock Holmes Pub where you can enjoy a hearty meal and a drink and this all from £18.

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