Discover the stories behind Tower Bridge London

Tower bridge London
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What can you do at Tower Bridge?

Step inside. Here you’ll see the Tower Bridge London Exhibition on display—what better way to explore than seeing history unfold in front of your eyes. You’ll find lots of things here. In the first place can see the new high-level walkways to the new spectacular glass floor and engine rooms at the towers. The exhibition tells the history of why and how the bridge came into existence. Climb the grand Victorian staircase or use the nearby lift and travel back in time to the 19th century today.

What is Tower Bridge famous for?

As a matter of fact, Tower Bridge, along with other fantastic attractions, is one of the most visited attractions in London. It is a kind of bridge with a section that can be lifted as well as lowered. It works with a counterweight that is called bascule. Also, the road section in a horizontal position is movable. Yet, before you head out on your journey, let’s find out more about the Tower Bridge.

tower bridge london
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Tower Bridge History

Now you may think the London Bridge is the oldest overpass connecting the city. Wrong, it dates back to 1973. The Tower Bridge in London opened in 1894, making it the oldest Victorian bridge in the UK. The fortified castle is the oldest in Europe and is found on the bank of the Thames. Once greeted by the Yeoman Warders in their clothes, you instantly step back in time to King William’s time in 1078. View the White Tower in the centre, dating back to 1240 with all the added structures from being a prison, treasury, zoo, to royal mint. There are many tours available daily from the Crown Jewels, Fusilier Museum, The Medieval Palace, and much more. Also, everything will attract you to have a taste of it.

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Tower Bridge London Facts

Also, here are some Tower Bridge London facts you may not have known:

  • The bridge called the Tower Bridge, as the London Bridge is further down the river.
  • Did you know that there were over 50 designs submitted to build the bridge?  But the approved design belonged to Sir Horace Jones in 1884.
  • The name of the crossings named after the Tower of London found on one side of the bridge.
  • The bridge stretches for 244 meters and has two towers, each standing 65 m high. The central span between the towers is 61 m. It splits into two equal bascules that rise to an 86° angle for river traffic to pass.

  • A fact is that over 40,000 people travel over the Tower Bridge every day to cross the River Thames.

  • Last on the list of many Tower Bridge Facts; it took over 400 workers to build the bridge.

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Can you walk across Tower Bridge for free?

Yes, you can walk across the bridge and watch the opening and closing, but you need to purchase a ticket for your Tower Bridge Exhibition.

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Can you climb Tower Bridge?

You may climb the tower bridge and Overview the city from the top of the Tower Bridge. But there is a charge that applies. The students can use a discount if they can provide a student card — you need to go up by elevator.

Does Tower Bridge have a glass floor?

Yes. Feel the magnificent glass floor throughout the higher level Pathways while you are visiting the Tower Bridge. This option offers the visitors a fantastic view of the city from 42-metre distances above the River Thames. This can give a novel experience in your life. The beauty and the spectacular scenery cast a spark on the soul.

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How often does Tower Bridge lift?

Within the past year, the bridge opened 777 times, which usually is two times a day. Some people might think this number is high. Yet, it’s good to know that in 1894  used to open 17 times a day. But currently, the number of Tower Bridge opening was reduced to two times a day. Now that you have read some interesting facts, why not head over to the new Tower Bridge Exhibition? It’s the Historic Bridge House Estates. Discover the history and organisation that administered the whole construction of the bridge centuries ago. Also, you can head over to Tower Hill on the northwest side of the Tower of London. Explore the history and Tower Hill Memorial in Trinity Square Gardens.


Tower Bridge London Opening Times and Tickets

How much does it cost to visit Tower Bridge?

There are many things to see at Tower Bridge in London. Such as the high-level walkways, exhibitions, and a glass floor. The Tower Bridge opening times are 10 am to 5:30 pm daily. The Tower Bridge tickets included advanced tickets you can book online and receive a discount on the standard price. You can save on purchasing Family Tickets and Joint Family Tickets to enter the Tower Bridge and Monument. Tickets vary in price and start from £5.30 and up depending on the voucher you buy. Get your tickets now and let UK Tour Centre help make your visit to London the best one ever.


Tower Bridge Tube Station

Going to Tower Bridge by Tube

In the first place, please forget to take and top up your Oyster card


d if you have one. The Oyster Card will reduce your journey cost. The fastest option is by London Underground. The nearest tube station to the tower bridge is Tower Hill station which is on Circle lines and District line. Yet, you also have a choice of Jubilee(Grey) and Northern (Black) Line to London Bridge Station, which is 10 minutes walking distance from Tower Bridge.

Going to Tower Bridge by Buses

London Red Buses are another option for travelling to the Tower Bridge area.  Depends on your location, but these bus numbers can take you to the Tower Bridge: RV1, 100, 78, 42, and 15.