The Shard Tower, a Superb View of London

Shard and view of london-

Shard Tower or “The Shard” became one of London’s most visited tourist attractions in the last few years. Visitors have watched in surprise how this iron structure developed high into the sky.  The Tower is one of the most elevated buildings throughout Europe. The best part is the building’s rooftop. Here you can find an open deck-viewing gallery offering you a 360° view that stretches for miles around the city.

Who designed the shard London?

shard-in London

The Shard Tower (Also known as London Bridge Tower, The Shard or even as the Shard London Bridge) is in South East London. It’s very close to London Bridge.

How many levels does the shard have? And how high is the shard?


Shard Tower has 95 stories and almost 310 meters’ height. While visiting London rise above the city’s commotion and visit this amazing view on the highest floor of the Shard. Shard observation gives you a view of key attractions from around the city. See the Tower of London in its splendour while St Paul’s Cathedral stands in all its glory. For the braver, take on the Shard’s air-viewing platform and feel the fresh air blowing in your face. Before heading back to the town, toast your trip with your glass of champagne.

What can you do at the shard?

After completing your spectacular view from Shard Tower, go down to floor 52. Here you can visit different restaurants. Each restaurant has its unique taste and fantastic view.

Moreover, pop in at some available retailers at shared Arcade. Here you will find O’Sullivans. It’s a beauty salon. Also, you’ll find IGLOO a design studio for some interesting eye-catching floral eye candy, or Wolffepack an award-winning lifestyle backpack shop. After your Shard visit is finished, you can visit the Science Gallery London just a few minutes away from the Shard. Also, you can try to visit Tower Bridge and the Tower of London.


the Shangri la hotel in Shard Tower

shard in Lindon

Here you also have the option of living in luxury at the Shangri-la Hotel located in Shard Tower. If you want a stunning view of the city while relaxing in bed this is the place to be.

When you’ll stay in one room, it will give you a spectacular view of London. The sipping and relaxing on some champagne with ease of access to attraction will add delight to your soul.

The Shard Tower is not only one of the important viewing attractions, but a place with a lively buzz for all tourists to enjoy!

Book Hotel Here Near Shard Tower

Find the best deals for the Shard Tower here. You can also book a ticket from the entrance of this magnificent tower with optional champagne near Borough Market. Jump in the queue and climb aboard the elevator, whisking you to the visions of what London offers.

How long does it take to visit The Shard Tower?

We recommend at least 2 hours, but if you have a coffee for relaxing here or
Possibly eat at one of the many restaurants. Then you need more time.

Who is the architect of the shard

Renzo Piano the Italian architect designed the Shard, and it is the highest building in Great Britain, also the fifth-tallest building within Europe.