Portobello Market is the world-famous street market and attracts tourists and Londoners every week.

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What is Portobello Road famous for?

Portobello Market or Notting Hill Gate market is famous for antiques. However, it is a favourite platform for Antiques, Vintage clothing, Collectables, Cutlery (Silverware), Toy Soldiers, Fruit & Veg, Fashion & Jewellery, unique handcrafted designs, food, old and new books, music, and much more. If you’re a fan of shopping, you will love this market. The market comprises several scattered markets with over 2000 specialist dealers and vast bargain hunters, each having its attractions. In short, this market is a big tourist resort and values the trip. It has anything and everything you can imagine off. Simply put, the market has a vast number of items you want to buy and use. Everything that can benefit you is there. Kids can make it more enjoyable. Try to keep credit in check to prevent some cash problems.

For each person, there are hundreds of different special items. That’s why tourists from all over the world come here to shopping and visit the great place. Time will fly like a snowball and there’s no point to wander without hopping. That’s what markets are made for. Just go there with your family and enjoy the moments. That can be a great place if you explore it.

Antique market

Antiques Section

The Antique market is towards the top of the Portobello Road market, close to the Notting Hill Underground (Subway) station. The antique section starts from the junction of Portobello Road and Chepstow Villas. Here you should expect to discover a huge selection of antiques and collector items from all over the world. The antiques could age from Roman times to the sixties. Their unique origin makes them exceptional pieces of art and fun. You can feel their precious metals and can use them with the use of little money. You will not enjoy wearing these pieces but will also love to buy them in different forms. That’s the beauty of this market. Go and enjoy!

Fashion Section

Fashion Section

The market is a place to go for Classic and vintage lovers; But, if that’s not your fashion type, there are lots of new fashions. Quite a few famous local designers and handcrafted accessories with an array of unique and trend-setting pieces on offer and plenty of incognito celebrities scouring clothing racks. So, you can find it very enjoyable. Not only this aspect is famous among the visitors but also among common people. So why to wait to visit this place. Go today and buy some unique stuff for your kids and family members.

Fruit & Vegetable section

Fruit & Vegetable section-Portobello-Market--London

The fruit and vegetable section of the Notting Hill Gate market comes next after the antiques. This is where the locals from miles away come for fresh fruits and green vegetables. As you know, health is wealth. So here you can find all the fresh powerful fruits to gain some strength to make your visit great to the attractions.

New Goods Section

If you are looking for cheap socks, multi-packs of batteries, and laundry bags, and all kinds of other swag, you can buy them here. The traders are all around the market from the fruit and vegetable section to and within the second-hand area. In short, just come here with thought and buy the stuff you want to.

Second – hand Section

Also, you will find the Second-Hand Section at the tail end of the market. Stretched between Cambridge Gardens and Goldbourne Road. In this part of the market, you will see a group of traders waiting in a queue for a pitch down the market.

In 1999, Portobello Market chose the location for a very famous British romantic comedy movie called Notting Hill. This is where Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant played one of the memorable films is a movie that still encourages many tourists to visit the number 142 Portobello Road, the famous blue door flat, where the movie took place. This place is reminiscent of many great memories. The romance took place here. Just keep in your mind that this place is super famous because of this event. Just be sure to pay a visit to this place.

Portobello Market is about two miles away from Marble Arch and walking distance from Shepherd’s Bush Market.

Portobello Market Opening Hours

The Notting Hill Gate market is open every day. But Fridays and Saturdays are the special days for the main antique market when it is full of vendors.

Portobello Market Opening Hours
Shops & Caffee Every day
Monday to Wednesday 9am – 6pm
Thursday 9am – 1pm
Friday – Antique Stalls 9am – 7pm
Saturday – Main day 9am – 7pm
Sunday – Portobello Green has a marketplace promoting vintage clothes no street market in Portobello. Closed.

Portobello Market Directions

Finding parking is a challenge, so if you can use public transportation. You can use the Journey Planner to help to find your route.

Apart from using the London Taxis, you can use London public transport to go to the market. Before we get to portobello market directions, make sure you have your Oyster Card for use on London Underground and London Red Buses.

What is the nearest tube to Portobello Market?

Depending on your location, you can use the following lines to get to the market. Notting Hill Gate Station on the Central line, Circle and District line, and Ladbroke Grove Station on Hammersmith & City line are the closest underground stations to the market.

London Red Bus towards portobello market directions

Bus routes 7, 12, 12, 23, 27, 28, 31, 52, 70, 94, 328, and 452 can take you near Portobello Market. Also, you can use the Journey Planner to find the most suitable transport to Portobello Market.

Tips for Shopping

The  Notting Hill Gate market open from 8. to 6: 30 pm., Monday to Saturday. but sometimes based on weather conditions the stallholders might pack up early. Saturday, the marketplace can start from 5. 30 am. So, you can plan your breakfast in there and spend time until the market opens at 8 am. Also, you can explore the stalls before the market gets overcrowd at about 11: 30. The antique section closes at 5 pm on Saturdays, but please note that the stallholders pack from 4: 00 pm. The market is closed for Christmas Day. Boxing Day and UK bank holidays.

Hotels Nearby

There are over 250 London hotels near Notting Hill Gate market, where you can book your pleasant stay from 2-star hotels to 4-star hotels within walking distance from the Market.

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