Advantages Of using Oyster Card or Contactless Cards in London.

Oyster Card

Why do you need to have an Oyster Card or Contactless card when visiting the United Kingdom?

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Who introduced Oyster cards?

Oyster Card was introduced about 15 years ago by Transport for London (TfL) and currently over 80% of Londoners are using this electronic ticket to pay their public transport costs. TFL is offering many benefits to Oyster Card holders.Contactless Card

For most of the tourists, the best and more suitable type is Pay as you go Oyster card or using a Contactless card, as they are not staying for long and usually less than seven days.

Different types of Oyster card:

Apart from pay as you go card, the weekly, Monthly and yearly are the other available options to purchase and of course when you pay for a long time you will have more discounts.

Do you pay a deposit for an Oyster card?

The straight answer is yes. But to explain more let us give you an example. When you go to the ticket office or the ticket machine at the tube station and ask for an Oyster Card, there is a deposit of £5 is required. The £5 it won’t count as a credit on your Oyster card. It is just a deposit to return the card.

How do I get my deposit back from my Oyster card?

If you don’t need the Oyster card anymore, you can return the card to any underground or British Rails office and ask to refund your £5 deposit.

How does the Oyster card work?

Let’s say that you top up your Oyster Card for £10. When you start using your Card, each time you will be a charge for a single journey, However charging will stop after reaches the daily price. The regular fees are not the same for different zones. 

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Why should one use an Oyster Card in London? What are the benefits? 

Soon after the arrival in London most of the travellers realise that they need to have a contactless card or use an  Oyster Card to make their travel more accessible and cheaper. While other


Visitors to London have to wait in a queue with their luggage; an Oyster Card holders are ready to travel quickly by public transport. Most importantly they will use the public services at a cheaper rate than those who prefer cash payment.

For example, a tube journey in central London costs £4.90 if you pay cash; it only requires £2.80 with the Oyster or Contactless card. Thus Oyster Card holders can save more than double for their travelling. Also, there is provision for discount and concession for the children and students. At the time some leading restaurants and shops used to give exclusive offer and discount for the Card holders.

Furthermore,  if you register the card online in case of lost or stolen, you can stop the card and transfer the balance into a new card. The Cards are easy to top up in over 2200 newsagent shops and every TFL offices allocated in Undergrounds or British Rails.

Is it cheaper to use Contactless card or Oyster? Is Contactless more expensive than Oyster?

Both cards are less costly compared to purchasing a ticket however the contactless card offers an extra discount. For example, If you are using a contactless bank card, apart from the daily cut, also, the whole week (Monday to Sunday) discount applies to you. in another word you will not pay more than weekly price.

How do you use Oyster card? Where can one use an Oyster Card?

The Cardholders can use their card while travelling in London underground network, the London red local bus network, the railway network in Greater London, Docklands Light Railway and Overground Railway. Moreover, a 33% discount offered for Oyster Card holders for many scheduled river services. However, Oyster Cardholders cannot use Oyster on the Heathrow Express trains and the trains that communicate the Heathrow Connect train between Heathrow and Hayes.

How do I buy an Oyster card?

There are many places in London where one can buy an Oyster Card. Many Oyster Ticket Stops all over London in neighbourhood stores offer this facility. However, the most convenient place to buy Oyster Cards for visitors is Underground Station ticket offices or machines by paying cash or Bank/ credit card. The process is simple, and the transaction only takes 1 minute or less. Moreover, it is easy to manage the card online. They post your Oyster card to your address.

Is a Visitor Oyster card the same as an Oyster card?

If anyone buys an Oyster Card in London, he may get a standard Card and for those who want to Oyster Cardbuy it from outside of London or via online can get a Visitor Oyster Card. There is nothing significant differences between them. Visitor Cardholders have to pay a non-refundable activation fee. On the other hand, those who buy the card in London can receive the deposit amount back when they surrender the card. The Cardholders can use it in two ways. Firstly, they can use the card “pay as you go” mode. The cardholders have to top up the cards with some specific amounts, and the required amount is deducted automatically from the card. Secondly, they can use it for a particular duration (for one week, or one month) and can enjoy unlimited travel within this time.