You may belong to any part of the world with immense ethnic diversity, but it is one of your prized privileges to be at Oxford city once in a lifetime. Here you will see all division at one point.

Oxford City is about 60 miles away from London. Is important to know that the city is one of the fast-growing cosmopolitan cities with an area of 45.59 square kilometers and a broad economic base. Also, Oxford City is the home to one of the most famous university on this planet, The Oxford University. This elegant city in south-east England is one of the most graceful attractions all over the world. Not to mention that with its diversified culture, no doubt that this place will surprise you. The City is a vast community of English speakers and lovers. The population is over 150,000 and the city is the county town of Oxfordshire.

This culture is crucial to learn a lot of things. This is what makes this place a wonder of the UK. Here you will find a lot of things that you will see in your life for the first time. So, let’s visit this place. Because it makes this place worth visiting. So, make a plane for this stunning place.

 The history of the Oxford city

The history of the city dates back to AD 900 when it was popularly known as Oxenaforda. The major tourist attractions include the Pitt Rivers Museum, Bodleian Library, The Sheldonian Theatre, Radcliffe Camera, Carfax, Museum of the History Of Science, and The Oxford University. The university offers its library, museum, botanical garden, castle, and church. These attractions fleece immense attraction for countless people of the world. That’s why you will always find a crowd here. A rush always surrounds this place. People from far and near come to visit this place. Which makes this place a true wonder. If you will come to London then don’t miss this place. It’s a must-visit place.

Surely, Oxford University has been among the top few of its kind. The exact establishment date of the University is yet to be known. But, some claims say that it existed in some form as early as 1096, making it the oldest English Institution. But there is no definite data regarding the time at which it became a university. Oxford comprises 38 constituent colleges. Each college is independent in its function and holds an independent membership. Also, the university is the educational home to 58 Nobel laureates, 26 British Prime Minister, and 30 other international leaders. Oxford University has also groomed a long list of many famous writers, musicians, composers, actors, and poets including Oscar Wilde and T. S. Eliot.

That makes it a loving place. So, when you come here make a list of must-visit places as stated above and add this place. This will increase your abilities. You will gain knowledge and modern techniques which are crucial for survival.

How to get there?

From the Airport:

 London Heathrow Airport and Gatwick Airport have a link to Oxford city.

By Bus From London Airports:

You can take a bus coach from these two airports to the city. The Bus company called “The Airline” and they are running 24 hours a day and seven days a week for services. At Heathrow Airport, every 20 minutes, the Airline company buses leaving the airport. The Journey takes 80 to 100 minutes and you can catch the bus from terminals 1, 2, 3, and 5. The return ticket cost you around £19. From Gatwick Airport the same company runs the services every hour and almost costs £27, and the journey takes around two hours. Also from Stansted Airport, the coach buses to Oxford City are available every two hours.


By Bus From London:

The service runs by National Express. From London from Victoria Coach Station, there are two companies (The Oxford Tube–X90) running the service every 15 minutes. The cost is £17, and the journey to Oxford City takes about 100 minutes. If you are close to Marble Arch, Notting Hill Gate, or Shepherd’s Bush areas, you do not need to travel to the Victoria Coach Station to catch the buses. The buses have stopped at the mentioned areas.



From Paddington Station, the trains are leaving the station every 30 minutes towards Oxford City. The single way ticket cost is £20 and the journey time about an hour. However, sometimes if you book in advance, you might buy the return ticket for just £10.

These are choices for you. You can select any of them. You should select the one in which you feel at ease. Because the aim should be to save as much energy as possible to explore the place as much as possible.

From the other view, it should be noted that Oxford is big and has many parts. Try to keep a list of each place and visit them.


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