Visit the O2 Arena in London for fantastic entertainment all under one roof.

Millennium Dome
Photo: Okwaeze Otusi Millennium Dome Unsplash

O2 Arena in London is a leisure complex home to bars, pubs, restaurants, corporate hire space, a Cine World Complex, and much more. This place has a lot of things to offer you. The arena itself provides you with a large indoor venue hosting concerts, shows, sport, Entertainment, Exhibition, Stone Free Festival, Family, Cinema,, and much more. We have a full guide to visiting this magical place. This guide is more than useful for you.

The Millennium Dome

O2-Arena London

The O2 Arena in London is famous as the Millennium Dome. It was constructed to host large exhibitions and celebrating the coming of the 3rd millennium. It’s a historic asset. The arena you find at the South East London edge and sits on the Greenwich Peninsula. The western side is home to the Prime Meridian, now known as the O2 Arena. The dome has performed multiple roles. Such as the dome-shaped structure is home to the O2 Entertainment Avenue. Also, the arena was initially constructed to house the Millennium Experience.

Climb the O2 Arena Slide London

climb the superstar attraction at the Millennium Dome

Are you up for an adventure? You must climb the superstar attraction at the O2 Arena in London. View London from up in the sky at sunset and make your way over the twilight. It is all up to you and takes 90-minutes to climb over the roof of the venue. You can view the city differently during the day or at night. Take part in the initial climb and see the historic Greenwich, the Canary Wharf, or Olympic Park. At the top, you have a 360-degree view when the sky is clear with visible landmarks.

Visit the O2 Arena Events


The O2 Arena is home to some world’s most popular events such as the Kylie Golden Tours, Rolling Stones, Michael Bublé and so much more. The list goes on and the O2 Arena capacity host up to twenty thousand people for some of the most significant life events taking place. You can enjoy the best seating from anywhere in the arena: no matter where you sit, the stadium designed to make you feel part of all the action. You can hear everything clearly and choose from a range of food and drinks to enjoy. Sip on some champagne and enjoy a burger so grab a bite to eat throughout the show. Are you interested in sports?

Book Your Next Boxing Experience at the O2 – 2019

While here, book yourself a seat for the best boxing at the O2 2018. You could see some of the best boxers in action. Some upcoming events:

  • UFC FIGHT NIGHT LONDON–hosted at the Indigo at the O2 Arena on 16 March 2019
  • The Superstars of Gymnastics–taking place at indigo on 23 March 2019
  • BKB 14–another fabulous boxing experience taking place at the Indigo at the O2 Arena


Concerned about the O2 Arena Seating Plan

Hey, there’s no point to take any tension. Because the arena comprises nine rectangular blocks ranging from <block A> that is the closest to the stage. These rows are followed by blocks B found in the centre of the arena. Similarly, the C block is further away from the scene with limited visibility. Then you have the lower tier blocks found behind the stage. Here you’ll find more rows at the top, sides, and much further away. The upper sections are divided into blocks with seating numbers and the tickets are affordable. If you do not have a fear of heights, you can seat yourself at the 400 number seating at the top. As it is so far away from the stage, you might end up watching the big screen instead. Here you’ll enjoy a lot.

Exclusive services in Arena O2 Skyboxes

Arena O2 Skyboxes

65 Skyboxes upon 3rd Floor designated for those who are looking for a unique service. The O2 Arena Skyboxes presents a comfy and perfect environment for you to enjoy eye-catching events. Visitors love their services. And often time they think this is the perfect place for their visit. This service is ideal for company presentations, business conferences, interaction, and communication. Each skybox offers a small entrance with a toilet, a large community area, a small kitchen, glass walls, and a balcony. They tailored their services to the needs of the visitors. They provide different services such as; internet, telephone, private gates, car parking, and restaurants. Each Skybox can service fifteen to twenty individuals. To book Skybox, you need to make the reservation one year in advance.

Looking for a Quality Restaurant?

Millennium Dome Restaurant

Maybe you are planning to visit one of the big O2 Arena Events.  Also might be you’re planning to have a meal there before the show. Look no further as the arena is the home to some of the best restaurants and bars in the Greenwich region. The atmosphere is excellent, and you can enjoy burgers, steaks, to pizzas all in one place. You’ll find all facilities at your door. You can also book a venue for a business lunch, party, or enjoy a casual night out with friends. Drop-in anytime during the day or night, as there is no excuse needed. Explore the list of some of the best cuisine places here. These places are worth to pay a visit to.

 Parking? is Not a Problem!

You can enjoy pre-booked event parking at the O2 Arena until midnight before the event. If you plan to drop someone off, there is a dropping off and picking-up point at CarPark 1 which is signposted. There is disabled access parking. As well as you can pre-book. Also, you need to make sure your blue badge holders with you in the car. The parking charge is at an hourly rate, and if you plan to visit Cineworld, parking is free. Additionally, you can do things in style and use the Valet Parking available at the O2 Arena. The valet will park your car at the VIP entrance for you.