Visit with your family at the Natural History Museum. That’s the best option for your family day-out. Your kids will love to be here. Let them discover this amazing museum. Keep this place on a must-visit list.

The Natural History Museum is one of the free museums in central London and is in the South Kensington area. The free museum is close to the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Science Museum off the Cromwell Road. Here you can find information about the National History Museum tube and how to get there, the natural history museum ice rink, opening hours, and much more. You can explore a lot of things. It all depends on you. Take a course to the modern section of the museum and discover important information.

Tell your family and kids about the stuff you see. Increase the curiosity of the kids to help them to learn. Because the visit is memorable if your kids will enjoy. But it’s interesting to know that the kids know their stuff to do, and they do it much more easily. There are many things which you don’t have any idea about. Also, we offer a guide for more free entrance museum in London.


The Link of Jurassic Park with the Natural History Museum

You might remember the Jurassic Park movies or read books about dinosaurs and their lives. But have you ever thought of coming face to face with world-famous dinosaurs? For those visitors who can have a visiting experience, their best bet is to go to the National History Museum. But are you aware that the museum offers over 80 million specimens spanning? Does this huge collection display the 4.5 billion years of Earth’s history? In Hintze Hall, you can see the famous whale skeleton, which is 25.2 meters long. Mars rocks. Fossil and much more.

Just imagine for a second how surprising is to see the remaining of these giant creatures. They existed long ago on the planet, and still, you can see and take selfies with their remaining. The human progress at every second and this is the reason that you can enjoy this place. Kids will try to touch these skeletons but try to keep them away from them. But that going to be the momentous life experience.

About the Natural History Museum

They built the Natural History Museum during the Victorian age and offer peculiar and enigmatic objects from the natural world. Including but not limited to dinosaur skeletons and items used during medieval times. These items make it a great place to visit. Just imagine seeing the bones of the dinosaurs with your eyes in actual life. People just insane to see these things. Just remember these are the rarest pieces collected from the earth. So don’t touch them.

Though you can always take some images if they allow you to do so. But all in all, there is a lot of learning for you. You will get some great ideas and more inspiration for your best attraction. To make this visit more surprising and beautiful, keep your family and kids with you. That’s a great idea. Just jump into the realm of this museum and see the world of wonders.

natural history londonIs National History Museum free?

Natural History Museum is one of the free museums in central London. But there can be admission costs for some exhibitions and events.

You shouldn’t take any tension about the fee. There are many reasons for that. First, the museum is a great place to get an idea of the colossal creatures. Second, your family will enjoy it. Third, the kids will learn. And there are more countless reasons. but still, as we told you that there is just some rare event for which you have to pay some money. So that should not be a big deal.

What is inside the Natural History Museum?

The museum has many things and each of them is unique. There are great collections of plants, animals, geology, ecosystems, climatology, paleontology, and much more. Each of them is just a last piece. So, the scarcity of these items makes them more precious. Also, the museum is an educational institute for the modern education of these fossil fuels. This can pave the way toward new discoveries. The scarce pieces didn’t come on their own, and it’s the hard work of over 350 astute scientists. They researched the life science and biography of animals, plants, rocks, fossils, minerals, and microbes, and much more.

Also, the museum scientists publish above 700 scientific research every year. So, just imagine how much you can learn! That’s the students and kids com here eager to learn something new. They return with a dream in their eyes. For which they spend their life to serve the nation. That’s why it’s the best option to take your kids and family with you. This will open a new door of ideas for them. Because the ideas can be obtained from great places and this is the best option for that.

natural-history-museum-free museums in central london


This free entrance museum in London has many exciting exhibitions from the photographic exhibition, tropical butterflies to the Embark exhibition. Embark exhibition gives visitors the experience of travelling to space. So here you can get some astronomical joy as well. Your kids are going to make it greater. The Natural History Museum is one of the best options to plan your family days out and discover one of the remarkable museums on earth. Some exhibitions apply fees. The charge of the photographic exhibition is £5.40. But that’s not a big deal at all for you. As you want to enjoy, want to learn, and want to explore some new ideas in your life. These things way more than that, the fees. This should be your choice. That’s why families come here. So give some time to your kids and family and enjoy your life at this place.

Natural History Museum Ice Rink


Since Ice Rink is one of the winter attractions in London, plan your winter at the Natural History Museum Ice Rink with the family and friends. Skate in the beautiful and outstanding environment of the Natural History Museum’s open-air ice rink. Also, there are children’s rink skaters, where the youngers can experience quality times. The impressive rink situated right in front of the well-known free entrance museum in London. Go to the museum’s Café Bar and see the actual skaters from the cafe’s balcony.

mantellisaurus-Natural-History-Museum-free entrance museum in londonTime of refreshments

Natural History also offers restaurants and cafes where you can buy pasta, pizza, burgers, salads, sandwiches, and cakes. They also provide microwaves to warm baby food. The special kid’s food menu and kid’s activity packs offered in the restaurant and the café.

Opening Hours

The opening hours for the free entrance museum in London are from Monday to Sunday 10 am to 5:50 pm, but the last entry is at 5:30 pm. The Museum is open the whole year except from 24 to 26 of December.


Earth Shop provides a massive range of interesting treasures such as jewellery, books, stones, and crystals. Dino Shop provides games, mugs, dinosaurs, puzzles, soft toys, and much more.

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Disabilities Access 

Disabilities access to National History MuseumFree wheelchairs are available from the exhibition road entrance. You can find them in the back of the main toilet behind Hintze Hall. You can access all floors and the Darwin Centre (except Earth Lab and Science Teaching room) by lift. The toilets are wheelchair accessible. 

Blue Badge Car Park

Natural History Museum - Blue Badge ParkingWe don’t suggest driving to the museum as you may find it difficult to park. But, the museum offers 12 Car Parks Bay for the blue badge holders. This is where people with disabilities can park their cars. You cannot book the blue badge parking space in advance. From Cromwell Road in South Kensington, you can access the museum from the main entrance, but, there is another step-free entrance on Exhibition Road.

natural history museum tubeThe National History Museum Tube

There are 3 underground (Metro) lines close to the Natural History Museum. District (Green line), Circle Line, and Piccadilly Line.

The national history museum tube is South Kensington on the District, Piccadilly, and Circle lines. The station is five minutes walk from the Museum. Use the Transport for London Journey Planner to find a national history museum tube.

By London Red Buses

Bus numbers 14,49,70,74,345,414,430 and C1 stop close to the museum.

Route 14, 49, 70, 74, 345, 360, 414, 430 and C1 stop close to the Museum. Use the Transport for London Journey Planner to find the quickest route to the Museum.

You also can check the hotels near the Natural History Museum to find your hotel in the South Kensington area There are over 80 hotels near the Museum.


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