London Underground Tube Exploring


The London Underground Tube or rail network is a great way for tourists to travel to and from Central London. It is an important part of most people’s stay while having a holiday in the United Kingdom Capital.

Once you arrive in London with all your travel bags it is best to avoid using the tube until you get a feel for where you are planning to go. For first time users, it can be a terrifying experience as there are many lines going in every direction in the London Underground Tube. It takes a couple of tries to learn and navigate the system until you become a pro at it.

Once figuring out where you live and want to go there are 12 Tube lines running alongside the DLR (Docklands Light Railway) and part of an interconnected train network. The underground trains normally run between 5 am to midnight from Monday to Saturday. While on Sundays, the operating hours reduced.

Additionally, the London Underground Tubes divided into different zones and tube fares. Zone 1 is in Central London while zones 6 to 9 found on the outer edge of the city. All depending on how long you are planning to stay, you have an option of buying a Contactless Payment Card, Travelcard, Oyster Card, or a Visitor Oyster Card.

You can expect to pay for a single journey in zone 1 as much as £4.90 for an adult. The same fare counts for a Visitor Oyster card and Oyster card. A contactless payment card is £2.40. There are different London Underground Tube discounts available for students, elderly, and children travelling.

At the underground tube station, there are free maps and guides available to help you get around London. Alternatively, if you need more information the London Travel Information centres offer you free maps and sell tickets. You can find these centres at Heathrow Airport terminals and all major stations in the Underground Tube.

Accessing the London Underground Tubes done via many steps and can become crowded at peak times so best to travel within non-peak times. While some Tube stations are equipped with platforms and escalators.




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