The venue attracts over 5, 000 media and pushes buyers, and it has estimated orders between £40 million to £100 million.

The London Fashion Week Festival is one event that no one wants to miss when visiting the county. UK Tour Center has all the information available for you if you have missed it in February 2017. Don’t miss it now. It’s the best show.

London Fashion Week Festival is one of the “Big Four” fashion shows, along with New York, Milan, and Paris. The show, host by over 150 worldwide and British brand names.

The venue attracts over 5, 000 media and pushes buyers, and it has estimated orders between £40 million to £100 million. At the same venue, the retail-focused show takes place immediately, and it is open to the public. The public gets great enjoyment from this festival. They look around and clap. Each model brings a smile on their faces.


london fashion week festival

Catwalk Action at the London Fashion Week Festival.

You may think the fashion week festival in London is only for the trend industry! Wrong! times have changed and this prestigious event has loads of catwalk action to get you involved. There are top events you do not want to miss. This year’s event was packed with action and those that could not make the show in February watched it in the comfort of their home. There are loads you can expect when visiting the London Fashion Week Festival, from what you can wear the next season to important designs to invest in.

The BFC (British Fashion Council) is the organiser of this great event and hosted this year’s fashion week at the Storm Studios, in central London. The festivals are not only dedicated to a weekend anymore and are hosted over a 10-day period for all to enjoy. The general public and tourists love this festival. This facility is just because everyone can see this great show. Skipping it can pose a threat to wait for another year. So, don’t miss it this time.


London Fashion Week Festival

Get Direct Access to the Fashion Week Festival in London

Events take place all around the city. These allowing shoppers access to the designers that sway you with their stunning clothing pieces. Different stores host ticket events this year. The Store Studios in central London hosted pop-up shops from over 150 British and international brands. This displays high-end designers and high-street retailers presenting you with groundbreaking ways to get you more involved. The event took place from the 17th to the 21st of February and was packed with weeklong happenings and shows. The next fashion highlight takes place during the 9th—12th of June 2017 hosting the London Fashion Week Men’s show and 15—19 September 2017, the London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018 event. These intervals allow one to take a chance to attend all of them. So, you can enjoy them fully. The joy is great so don’t miss them.


London Fashion Week Festival

Where is the Fashion Week Hosted?

The London fashion week February festival hosted in different venues throughout central London from:

  • The Store Studios
  • Tate Modern Turbine Hall
  • The Royal Society of Arts
  • Oxo Tower Wharf

As you can see when visiting the show, you will not only view the amazing fashion, you are in some of the best tourist attraction places in London. View the exhibition on a giant screen, visit workshops, and enjoy a beauty treatment and demos available from top brands. This thing makes this festival unique. This is what attracts the large number of tourists. They unit at this spot to get the greatest enjoy of the life and tour. The presence of the family and friends make it even more convivial.