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July things to do in London min
July things to do in London min

 Enjoy July things to do in London by visiting the many popular shows, Theatres and more…

July Things to do in London

One of the warmest months in the UK is July. There are loads of July things to do in London. This is the time to explore the outdoor events taking place all over the United Kingdom. The UK Tour Centre has a full list of affairs available here to plan your next vacation in July. Be socialize and it’s the key to enjoy the month of July!

Amazing Parks

Make the most of the warm weather and head outdoors visiting the many London parks. Visit Hyde Park one of the most beautiful open spaces available in the UK. See the flowers in bloom as there are different recreational areas available. Enjoy cycling, boating, skating, and swimming. Enjoy a game of tennis at the tennis court or enjoy a horse ride on the tracks. Take the kids to the fantastic playground to play out their energy. This can remind you of your memories, so beautiful. Life looks different in these places. You need to enjoy it and you need to play and July is perfect for that.

Close to the lake, there are two restaurants you can enjoy a meal. Here you can find monuments and fine architecture. Two of the famous monuments are the Serpentine Bridge and the Dian Memorial Fountain. Also, stand at the famous corner and listen to vocal orators sharing their opinion. You make most of this visit if you pay attention to the natural flow of the water and air. Air can touch and can remind you of the days when you were a kid. A silly kid who wants to play and wants to conquer the world!

Take an Open Bus Tour

Visiting the parks are not the only things to do in London during July. Take an open-top bus tour and explore London at your own pace. There are over sixty stops and you can enjoy extras such as the free walking tours and a 24-hour Thames pass. That’s your fortune to have such a great facility to use.

Another popular bus tour is the Ghost Bus Tour. Sample UKs best murder stories via the Routemaster bus and enjoy comedy with chilling facts of the past. Travel around the city, see murder sites, execution, and torture places revealing the ghosts of the city. These places can tremble you, can make you shiver intensely. But you can create courage to face the hard realities of life and the history to bear the torment of your own life. What matters is that how much strength you possess.

The Opening of Buckingham Palace

July things to do in London is not only taking a walk in the park or riding on a bus. One of the biggest events is the opening of Buckingham Palace to the public. This famous palace opens its doors on the 22nd of July 2017 and remains open until the 1st of October 2017. Go poke around and see the lavishness of this wonderful place. View the lovely furnished rooms and make sure to see the Royal Exhibition.

Other July Things to Do In London

After visiting the palace, see the world’s finest classical music event the BBC Proms taking place over eight weeks at the Royal Albert Hall. On the other hand, rock out at London’s music festivals taking place all July. The majority of these events take place outdoors at Victoria Park, Hyde Park, and Lovebox. These events show a rich civilization and a strong attachment to these festivals. People love to visit these places. Learning and enjoying can walk hand in hand here. But if you will have a child it can glitter your tour of this place more because of the ceaseless curiosity.

Don’t miss the annual Pride in London parade as the capital’s LGBT community takes to the streets and gives a free show in Trafalgar Square. If you are into art take an unusual trip during Art Night for one night only. But, keep your eyes on information about the event as it moves around London every year from one location to another. Missing any place can leaves regrets afterward. So try to visit most of the places.

July things to do in London

Make sure to be in London when the Holi Festival of Colours takes place. Have a good time while listening to banging tunes and throwing each other with a rainbow of colour. Also, you can enjoy more July things to do in London by visiting the many popular shows in the theatre world:

  • Mosquitoes about sisterhood and tragedy, directed by Rufus Norris and takes place until September 28 at the National Theatre
  • For a dark classic, the Road takes place at the Royal Court. The director of Harry Potter John Tiffany has revived this play dating back to 1986. You can see this play until the 9th of September 2017.
  • And lastly a comedy by F. Murray Abrahams the Mentor you can see up till the 2nd September 2017 at the Vaudeville Theatre


As you can see, there are loads of July things to do in London so plan your vacation with the UK Tour Centre to find the best hotel accommodation close to the major events.