London Bike Tours explores the city along with the London attractions.

From personal experience, let me explain that the London Bike Tours is an unforgettable and enthusiastic experience for exploring the golden city of London. During the ride, the tour offers the most stunning attractions and exciting places. Attractions like Coca-cola London EyeTower BridgeTower of LondonTrafalgar SquareSt Paul’s CathedralShakespeare’s GlobeBorough Market, and much more.

Discover London while you are cycling

How exciting is that? Discovering London is like discovering a new world. That’s why we are asking you to join the best London bike tours. This is a fantastic journey through the most amazing places in London.

London Bike Tours

London bike ride route 2018

The London Bike Tour is a fabulous experience of exploring London on a different level. London Bike Tours is fun and joyful. Overall, the tour is a complete journey of both sides of the Thames River and follows amazing places.

Coca-cola, London Eye

London Eye is the landmark for the new Millennium, on the Southside of the River Thames. Coca-Cola London Eye is one of the most visited attractions in London. Read more>>>.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Cathedral built in Baroque styles. It embodies the heritage, spiritual life, and intricate architecture of the British people. Read more>>>.

Shakespeare’s Globe 

The Globe Theatre built in 1599 and demolished in 1644. Three hundred fifty years later on the base of left evidence, funded and rebuilt by Sam Wanamaker.

Bike tour to Shakespeare’s Globe

London Bridge 

Do we need to introduce the historical London Bridge?  This bridge is connecting two sides of the Thames River since 2000 years ago from Roman’s time.

Borough Market

The market is in South East London. If you are lucky enough to book your Thames River Bike Tour on Thursdays, Fridays, or Saturdays, you will have an hour of tour break to explore this market. Read more>>>.


Tower Bridge 

Imagine you are cycling across one of the most iconic bridges on this planet.  The Bike Tour takes a break for you to have a chance of taking your favorite photos. Read more>>>.

More Sights and Attraction 

Say the words “Oppression, intrigue, and power” in the middle of 16th century England, and most peasants would point to the Tower of London. The Tower of London stood as a symbol of royal rule and power. The Tower was one of the most feared places in Britain; a prison for political enemies and former allies who had fallen from grace. Times change, and so did the tower. Read more>>>.

London Bike tour

The Monument,

Here you will visit a 62-meter monument, which is a symbol of the great fire in London around the 16th century. The Monument located right at the junction of Fish-street Hill and Monument Street.

Big Ben

London-PassThe fantastic Bin Ben built 150 years ago. Big Ben also has other names, such as Tower Clock or The Great Bell. Over the years, the London clock became one of the most famous attractions in London. It’s attached to the House of Parliament and is one of the most massive faced Clock Tower in the world. Read more>>>.

Leadenhall Market 

The market age is over 600 and is an interesting place to visit. This is not just a bike tour. It is exploring London on a different level. Not only it’s a tour, but it’s an enthusiastically learning experience of life. People who find this tour interesting and they want to have this experience click on the below button and book your ticket.

The London Bike Tours start from outside Southwark Underground Station. Besides, you can also enjoy a return trip along the river itself with a fun Thames River cruise.

London Bike Tour

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