Imperial Museum London is another must-see and free place in London. This is no less than a wonder. 

Imperial Museum London is one of the perfect War Museum around the world. The exhibitions at the IWM London are not just offering the chance of discovering an atomic bomb, a human torpedo, tanks, or military aircraft, but pictures of how troops experienced different fights and how these impacted the rest of the human population and society. So, you can get an idea of the worse things, their causes, and origins. The atomic bomb has the potential to wipe out the whole world in seconds. You will know how it works and how it impacts societies. They funded the London Imperial War Museum during the 1st world war in 1917 for keeping the records and evidence of military and civil wars in the British Empire. The museum expanded later and intended to cover and included all wars that Britain or the commonwealth got involved in since 1914.

Crucial Inspiration to Visit the Imperial Museum London

There are historical assets of the nations. The bloodshed and the carnage all are here. A horrible story with sensation and emotion will speak to you. Nothing will be quiet. The courage will tell how it helps the nations to survive, and the defeat tells you how the cowardice takes it down. These visual glimpses will be great learning in the Imperial museum. That’s a large number of visitors love to come here. They love all these learning. So, it can help them in their life. The records of WW1 are here and you can see them easily. So why to waste time in other places when you have this place. Keep this place in a must-visit place.

As you will learn about the importance of this place, you will find it hard to avoid this place. So, manage your time before things obsess you. You will return from this place in complete surprise.

Is it free to go to the Imperial War Museum?

Free Museum

Like many other Free Museums in London, the Imperial War Museum London is also free to visit. So, in terms of cost, it’s free to visit. You can come here with your kids, friends, and family and even alone free of cost. The museum allowed the public to visit the Museum from 1920 when the museum was in Crystal Palace (South-east London). Four years later, the museum moved to the Imperial Institute in South Kensington. But, almost three years before the 2nd World War, the museum moved again, but this time to a permanent place in South East London. Twenty – four years later, in 1960, during the redeveloping Southwark building, the museum expanded too.

This tells us how the museum evolves over the years. Today the people come in this place from far and near places and spend a great amount of time. Just make a plan and bring your kids too. They will spread happiness with their shining eyes and with their transparent thoughts. So, you can enjoy your visit fully. Pack your crucial items and visit freely the great museum. Now there’s no excuse to miss this place.

Visiting the Imperial War Museum

IWM London is a great place for those who have a keen interest in the war and artillery. The visitors who love to visit the galleries and exhibition has no choice but to visit this place. Most of the visitors of this place encounter the stories of the lives of the people in the war centuries ago. The important aspect of war is that the United Kingdom also took part in this war.



What to see in IWM London?

There are lots of things to see, such as you can see the heavy weapons, tanks, and rockets on the ground floor. But if you want to know about the secret mission in the war, then the first floor is crucial. Here you can find the espionage, special secret operations, and information about the special forces. In case you want something unexpected, then visit the second and third floors. This place is full of the original objects and materials from the disasters of the Holocaust. There are lots of war assets with completely appealing information. So, move on to see all the items.

How long does it take to get around the Imperial War Museum?

The answer is not clear. It varies from person to person. But most of the visitors take almost 4 hours to visit the museum. But normally you should take 4 hours to visit this museum. You will spend about 90 minutes visiting the first floor and Holocaust items. If your kids are under 14 years of age, then don’t take them to the Holocaust section. This museum is a national museum organisation. There are five military museum branches in different locations in England. But 3 of them are in London. So, it’s a big museum with big things. You should not worry about the time. As when you will visit, you will feel such a light that time will pass like it wasn’t in the first place.



((Download the floor plan of the Imperial Museum in London))


Imperial Museum Shop

IWM London’s shop offers many CDs, DVDs and books, which provide additional information and facts about the themes and items within the museum. You will find a wide range of accessories, clothes, stationery, souvenirs, posters and presents. There’s also a variety of things for kids, such as books, games, toys, and educational resource materials. You can browse the Museum’s online shop and purchase what you like from the website.

Photography and filming in IWM London

For non-commercial use, you can take Photography or even make clips from the museum. But, there are some signs in some part of the museum which advise visitors not to take a photograph or filming using flash.

Facilities at Military Museum in London(IWM)

You will find the following facilities at the museum:

        • The baby-changing rooms are available in every restroom.
        • Lockers are available on the 4th and 5th levels. You can leave pushchair or buggies there.
        • The lockers section don’t accept the large items, luggage or even suitcases. You can leave them at Waterloo Station 10 to 15-minute walking distance.
        • Step-free accessibility to the actual museum is through the West Entrance. The West entry is on the right side of the building after the café.
        • Wheelchairs
          The Museum offers free wheelchairs to borrow; but, it is subject to availability. But you can book it in advance. Just contact.
          020 7416 5000 and make your inquiry.
        • Toilets – Lavatories
          Ten accessible toilets situated on levels 0-3
        • Lifts – Elevators
          All elevators in the war museum are wheelchair accessible.

Restaurant and Eating Place in the Imperial Museum in London

Feeling Hungry? If you are feeling hungry during your visit to IWM London, you can go to the on-site café. There is an eating place at the museum that offers a variety of foods. It serves tasty in-season foods, such as stone-baked pizzas, burgers grilling with charcoal, little one’s meals, salads as well as delicious sandwiches.  There is also a tearoom. The Tea Room is open throughout peak times and offers a peaceful space to enjoy your visit. It provides some teas, cakes as well as sandwiches. You can make it more exciting with your family. The kids can add more beauty!

London Imperial War Museum

Car Park at or near the War Museum London

No need to mention that the car parking and street parking close to the museum are very limited. But, free parking is available to blue badge holders but subject to availability. You must book two working days in advance. Book and Arrange parking space in advance by calling this number 020 7416 5000. Other Car parks like NCP car parks are available in Waterloo or Elephant & Castle. You can check the availability or book carpark here. If you’re driving, please check out the congestion charge on the TFL website. 

In case, if you are seeking hotels close to the Imperial War Museum London, please click on the below link to see the compared prices. This will help you in finding the cheap and reliable hotels.

Hotels Near Imperial War Museum

Accessibility for the War Museum, London

For help and assistant, you need to contact them ahead of your visit. Call the museum on 020 7416 5000. Also, if you could not contact the museum in advance, to get help before you start your visit, go to level 0 and request at the Information Desk. It’s better to clear your queries before you face some problem. This is indeed helpful. You can contact the help number whenever you have some questions.

Opening Hours Imperial Museum London

Opening Hours: every day 10 am to 6 pm

How do you get to the Imperial Museum, London?

London BusThere are many local buses, which stop outside the museum. Such as number 3, 12, 53, 148, 159, 344, 360, 453 as well as C10.


London Underground

The closest Underground station is Lambeth North, which on Bakerloo Line(Brown Line). However, you can find your way to the museum from Waterloo Station  (Bakerloo, Jubilee and Northern lines) and also Elephant & Castle (Bakerloo and Northern Line). Both are about 10 to 15 minutes walking distance from the museum.

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