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A wide range of hotels is available in London. The hostels are the perfect choice for budget travellers. Most have got a kitchen for use through residents, bars, baggage storage etc.

Hostels and dormitory price rates are based on the season. Obviously, greatest need and demand is in the summer time months while the students are able to plan for the holiday. However, there isn’t the remarkable rate change between weekends and the weekdays that many hotels feature in London.
You also obviously pay more the nearer you are to the centre of the city, however, because of London’s outstanding public transport it really is no real inconvenience staying around London.

Numerous independent hostels industry perform greatly along with well-known brand like YHA.
YHA offers a combination of different services in order to add more values in the competition. For instance walking Tours or party. Most hostels in London have both merged and mixed reservation. However, there are some hostels which also offer just female accommodation such as St Christopher’s Oasis hostel which is close to London Bridge and is really a women only hostel.

Obviously, the majority of the hostels London are targeting the actual youth market. Numerous London hostels do not let anyone under eighteen to stay in their place, a few have a top age limit too, normally the age limit is 35.


Bed and Breakfast are the most affordable accommodation in London. The majority of them are really small and simple accommodations rather than family operate accommodation with lots of personal touches and personal attention. A vast variety of expenses and services.


Hotels ideal for the particular leisure and business visitor found all through London. Middle range no frills chain hotels with popular names are all offered but the bulk tends to be independent 3-star hotels offering value.


Full-service hotels with all the well known worldwide luxurious brands such as Hilton, Marriott as well as Novotel present in the majority of hotel districts, challenging the local independent hotels for your custom.

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