Great view of Hampton Palace

Hampton Palace furnished with paintings and tapestries and is a well worth visit for any tourist.

Hampton Palace, situated in East Molesey, Surrey KT8 9AU, United Kingdom is a majestic tourist destination that no visitor must miss. The former home of the modest King Henry VIII extended this grand palace after obtaining it the 1520s.

Hampton Place Facts

view from outside of hampton court

Hampton Palace furnished with paintings and tapestries telling their own stories from centuries ago. These 60 acres with the famous palace, formal gardens that include a renowned maze and Great Vine is a well worth visit for any tourist.

By the 17th century, tennis courts and enormous Tudor Kitchen one can only wonder with admiration how the noble people lived in Hampton Palace with their charismatic masquerade balls and leisure lifestyles.

What to see in Hampton Palace?

Hampton Palace - The huge Tudor kitchen where food was made to feed the entire palace

  • The huge Tudor kitchen. This the kitchen that food was made to feed the entire palace
  • The Hampton Gardens with plantations, lush greenery and parkland
  • See the Great Vine, a vineyard planted in 1769 well known in the Guinness World Book
  • The famous maze
  • A replica of the crown that King Henry VIII owned on display
  • After all, the Chapel Royal that still delivers services throughout the year

Not to mention that the Maze at Hampton Court is the United Kingdom’s most well-known surviving maze. Commissioned about 17 century by William III, The Maze is renowned for the purpose of being complicated and confusing to challenge visitors with twists turns and dead ends. Usually takes about 20 minutes in order to get to the centre. Hampton court palace maze created and designed by Henry Wise and George London, and it is trapezoid in shape. Is good to know that visiting the Maze is included in the admission price for Hampton Court Palace.

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The Maze at Hampton Court is well-known for being complicated and confusing to challenge visitors with twists turns and dead ends.

That is to say that the Hampton Palace is not only known for its magnificent structure and gardens. However, you may even meet the haunted screaming woman said to be Catherine Howard, or the grey ghost Dame Sybil Penn, roaming the Clock Courts.

Hampton palace shop

The palace shop right at the main entrance can offer you gifts, themes or books to buy from morning till evening (winter till 16:45 and summer till 18:15)

Hampton Court Palace services at Chapel Royal

Furthermore, the Palace welcomes the visitors to attend and join the services at Chapel Royal or Hampton Court Palace. If you need more information, please contact us. On Sunday afternoon from 12:30 to 14:00, you can enjoy recitals music.

Disabilities Services

To clarify, the blue badge tickets cost the same as standard ticket price; however, the palace offers free entry to their companion, personal assistant or carer. Assistance dog guide welcomed. But you need to provide the UK assistance guide identification book and designated jackets.

The disabilities car park is for parking your car. But since limited to 9 spaces, operates as first come, first served. The blue badge (Disabilities) holders. Accessible toilet facilities are available in Base Court.

How to go to Hampton Court?

A quick journey via Waterloo OR Wimbledon Station by South West trains towards London south-west. The short trip takes you to the impressive Hampton Court and the palace.

In addition, if you decide to use the underground experience, use the tube Richmond, take the R68 directly to Hampton Palace and relive the past. The wheelchairs are available for rent. When you book a ticket (s), please inform us.

Opening hours

Monday to Sunday 10:00 18:00
Last Admission 17:00


 Hampton Court Tickets

Hampton Court tickets Entry for Childs less than five years old is free.  But for the under 16 is half price. Full-time student and over 60’s can have a discount with ID. To avoid all these hassles lets us pick you up in one of our pickup points near your hotel and get you back to the same spot with one of our luxury Buses. To book your ticket press on the below button. Enjoy your visit to Hampton Palace.

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