Good Restaurants and Low Food Prices in London.


How to find good Restaurants and takeaways while you are in London? 

No matter which part of the world you coming from and what kind of food you like, you always should be able to find good restaurants with a variety of food choices and of course at budget prices.

When visitors travel to London, one of their questions might be how to find good restaurants with decent prices. We heard that London is an expensive city. However, it depends on the personal financial situation and where you comparing it to. In fact, Its similar to a few, less expensive compared to some, and it’s more costly than other cities around the world.

Where or how can to find good restaurants or takeaways in London?

One of the great things about London is that regardless of what food you like or where you coming from you will find always a variety of good restaurants and takeaways available across the city. Therefore you always have the ability to find a place to eat with decent meals and budget prices. London offers a combination of great foods from each and every corner of the world.

African foods, Mexican, Chinese, Thai, British, French, Italian, Turkish, Persian, middle east, Indian, Philippine’s, delicious Mediterranean foods, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and much more. There is no street or road in London that it doesn’t give you several choices of good restaurants and takeaways.

To give you a better picture, let’s see what you can buy with your money.

What can you buy in a Good Restaurants in London with £3 to £10?

With £3 to £10 per person, you can buy a decent portion of foods with a drink. Find a Chinese buffet, or Indian buffet and eat as much as you like and pay £ 5 to £8 per person for lunch. Turkish Kebab, Iranian Kebab with rice are from £7.50 per person. 

Also, there are many places which offer “buy one get one free” or “Lunchtime special”.  This offer normally is served from 11 to 4 pm. Another choice is food delivery to your hotel or your place, which you need to ask the hotel management if they allow you to have foods in your room. Don’t forget to try the Pub’s meal. Some of the Pubs do special deals for their meal around lunchtime.

    Good Restaurants London         KIM’S VIETNAMESE HUT-Camden Market – Price £5.00 

What can you buy in a Good Restaurants in London with £10 to £30?

Depends on location and service you can have more choices and options to have a quality service and foods. For example places like Bang Bang Oriental located Colindale area. a huge Asian food hall. The journey might put you off, yet the Bang Bang is the biggest food court available in Europe.

Another example is Café Rouge.  Currently, you can have 3 courses of food including champagne for £29.95, which is almost £10 per person. Bella Italia also currently offers two courses for under £10. Therefore if you spend a bit of time and search you will be able to grab many good restaurants bargains in London. Here is the list of some of the restaurants. you might like to try the following good restaurants:

Banh Mi Bay, Holborn, Bonnington Café, Vauxhall, Brasserie Zedel, Soho, Koya, Soho, The Vincent Rooms, Westminster

What can you buy in a Good Restaurants in London with £25 and above?

Of course, you would have plenty of choices in the west end and central London. You can have nice food with even preferred music and drink. Some of the good restaurants need to be booked in advance.

Remember, being expensive it doesn’t mean always to be good. Many Londoners after work have Good Restaurantstheir dinner in local Pubs or restaurants. This is where they can have good quality foods at affordable prices. Like many big cities when you travelling to the suburban area you will find the cost of food far cheaper than central.

For example, what can you buy for £7 to £10 in central, you’ll buy it around £4 in zone 2 to zone 6. All food prices are included VAT (Tax), however, some restaurant they may charge %10 to %15 service charge.

If you are looking for other particular regional foods you can contact us for more information and we will do our best to provide you with the information that we can find for you.


There are quite large numbers of vegetarian restaurants in London, where you can be served the organic foods. Just search our partner website for the vegetarian restaurant. For vegetarian and vegan foods you can try Ethos, The gate, Itadaki Zen, Kin, Mana, Mildreds and many more good restaurants around the city.

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