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Pubs in London
Pubs in London

Good Pubs in London-  beautifully said by Oscar Wilde! We go on living absent to what is happening around us. We take up boring jobs so we can be happy, we can have the right social circle, a good social life, and we can live at ease with our family. But so often, we get so immersed in our work that we forget to take a step out of our monotonous and hectic work schedule and rejuvenate ourselves. We work, we have financial stability but no memories to cherish. One of the biggest regrets of lives, when asked on the deathbed, was “I wish I had travelled more” It becomes such an irony that we keep working like machines and never travel to refresh, relax and rejuvenate!


Good Pubs In London! But what is pub short for?


he name or the word “pub” is a short word for “public house Board.” It means someone has opened its premises for the public. It’s a daily party for the locals and your welcome is warmer than in a bar. In old days there were no social media or other ways of communication. So, a pub was genuinely the neighborhood’s meeting place and a social place where people gathering for having a drink and chat. So, a Public house or Pub is a licensed place to sell and serve alcohol. Mostly, good pubs in London are the place for drinking beer along with some other drinks.

It is said that by seeing London; I have seen as much of life as the world can show. “The true mystery of the world is visible, not the invisible.

pubs in London

Are we losing the pub’s culture? 

But, the fact is that in the last 20 years, some of these fantastic social places were closed down. The question is, “are we losing the interest of gathering in the pub?” Several surveys reported that the number of pubs in the UK gone down since 2000 by 17%. The study also held responsible for several factors. High taxes which end up high fees on points, the smoking ban, raising the cost of food and drinks, the financial recession which leaves the consumers to spend much less for drinking out. People buy many more beers from superstores and shops.

London Pubs

Not to mention that some travels are good, some are better, and some become a lifelong memory. The nightlife of London is another such experience. Be it fashion or taste, day or night, London has something for everyone.  Be it big brash multi-Floor night clubs or old-style pubs, you name a thing and it is at your service.

Why consumers prefer to buy their drinks from Supermarkets and not the pubs in London?

Because of offering more choices of beers in off-licenses and supermarkets, customers prefer to buy their drinks from these places. However, drinking in any good pubs in London still is part of British culture along with Irish, Canadian, New Zealand, Australians, and South African cultures. In lots of locations, mainly in villages, the pub is the centre point of the community and the local community. In the 17th-century, Samuel Pepys defined the pub as “the heart of England”.

What time do pubs close in the UK?

Most pubs close at 11 pm. Although recent statute reforms allow premises to apply for a 24-hour license, some pubs have stuck to 11 pm closing but chain pubs, bars, and clubs stay open later.

London pubs

More, you can find traditional Good pubs in London with strange names all around the city. Name like “The Dog and Duck” in Soho or “Duck &Waffle”.

Moreover, some of the pubs you might see could be chain pubs, mass-marketed to get tourists, and it’s hard to tell the difference from the outside!

So step out from your routine for a few days and let ‘The Old Smoke’ cherish you, you won’t get bored. Samuel Johnson has rightly said,” When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”

We name just a few of them here:

The White Swan

The White Swan is a traditional pub that serves good quality foods and ingredients as well as a wide choice of beers.

Ye Olde London

Ye Olde London, a charming pub built in the 18th century, located upon Ludgate Hill in London. near to magnificent St Paul’s cathedral.

The Old Crown Public House

Providing service to the London public from 1851. This exceptional pub is the perfect place in central London to meet up. Privet room available. Serving till 3 am.