Famous Streets in London That You Must Visit!

London is known as the city of streets and is full of amazing tourist attractions. But are you interested in knowing which famous streets in London are worth visiting? If the answer is yes, then give this article a read. We’ll be looking at famous London streets you must visit and discuss what fun activities you can do or visit to make your trip a memorable one.

The most famous streets in London not only delight in history, British culture, literature, art, and pop music, but also hold many other special charms. These famous streets worth a visit as they show an entirely different side of the city you may have never seen before. Because of their natural beauty, these streets are the heart and soul of the city.

Famous Streets in London-Carnaby Street-London

Famous Streets in London – Carnaby Street

Carnaby Street has been attracting visitors with its glitter for a long time. But, back in 1960, it was a hub for famous fashion designers, and all deep pockets used to shop from here. Then at Carnaby’s exclusive boutiques, you can buy designer clothing you won’t be able to find anywhere else. It is a great place to visit filled with shops that occupy 14 streets where shoppers can find everything they might think of.

Famous Streets in London - London Oxford Street
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Famous Streets in London – Oxford Street

Shopping in London is one of those activities that must be on your tour. It’s in the City of Westminster in the East-West of London and is one of the famous shopping streets in the world. It is flooded with Shopaholics, especially in the summer months. The street prides itself on hosting small, big, cheap, well-known brand stores, and hundreds of shops of any kind you can imagine. Oxford street is truly a haven for gracious living.

Abbey Road

Famous Streets in London – Abbey Road

The Abbey road after being featured on the cover of the Beatles album in 1969, became famous and turned into a national monument. The British government awarded The Abbey Road in a Grade II listing for its historical worth and cultural interest. You can take memorable selfies at the iconic pedestrian crossing right outside the Abbey Road Studios. You can also try some street snacks.

Baker Street London

  Baker Street

Sherlock Holmes turned this street in central London into a popular spot and famous street. The well-known fictional detective and his assistant lived at 221B Baker street which became one of the world’s most famous addresses. His fans send letters to this address for years in the hope to reach him.

Today, it is one of the most famous historic streets in London. The Sherlock Museum on the ground floor is a listed building because of its architectural and historic importance.


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  Piccadilly Street

Famous for both its architecture and storefronts, Piccadilly is one of the busiest streets in London. It is one of the straightest and broadest streets in central London. Piccadilly circus is probably what you can associate with the street, the premium shopping arcade known for its neon signs and video displays. Other interesting sites include the Ritz Hotel, Royal Academy of Arts, Hatchards bookshop, and Fortnum & Mason.

Famous Streets in London

   Brick Lane

Brick Lane is the richest cultural street in London. On weekend you’ll find vintage shops, unique crafts, and all second-hand treasures.

Here Cool street art and yummy street food will attract you. This market is famous as the curry capital of the UK after the Bangladeshi community has made the area their home.

So, if you are in a mood to taste some real Bengali curries, then it’s worth a visit.


Bond Street London

 Bond Street

You can’t remain without seeing Bond Street in London. It’s in the west end of London and links Piccadilly street to Oxford street.

Since the 18th century Bond street has been famous for retail and is best for getting some retail therapy. There is an 800-meter road crowded with brands, luxury goods, designer jewels, and antiques. Here you’ll find some famous brands such as John Lewis, H & M, Jimmy Choo, Mark, Spencer, and many more.


  Columbia Road

Only a short drive away from Brick Lane, you can’t afford to miss Columbia Road. The major benefit of the famous street is its wholesale flower market. Here you can buy all kinds of plants, flowers, shrubs, and bulbs from the florists who are doing this business for generations.  If you want to avoid the horde, we suggest coming in the morning to avoid overcrowding. 

Savile Row-London

  Savile Row

Savile Row is home to men’s tailors, who have been selling handmade suites since the 19th century. The precious men’s wear shops like Henry Poole, Gieves and Hawkes, and Huntsman & Sons are located in Saville Row. It’s famous for other things too. The Beatles performed here live on the rooftop of their office in 1969. You can also explore Jermyn Street while in Savile Row.

Famous Streets in London- Regents Street has a wide assortment of mid-priced trendy stores

  Regent Street

Situated in west London, this highly populated and beautiful street is also famous for shopping. You can shop at many high-end brands like Michael Kors, Coach, Burberry, and Armani. If you have kids, you can check out Hamleys, the largest toy shop in the world. The store span over seven floors with over 50,00 rows of toys. It’s a wonderful place for kids.

 Where is the City of London?

London is the capital of England. It’s a stopping point for tourists around the globe. The city sits on the Thames River in south-east England.
London is famous all over the world as a hub of art, fashion, literature, commerce, and tourism. It’s also known for its ancient places, social revolutions, and cultural values.

Famous Streets in London
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  How many streets are there in London?

There are almost 60,000 streets in London. All these streets are located within a 6-mile radius.

  Which is the busiest street in London?

Oxford street is not only one of the major shopping street in London but it is also the busiest street in London. According to sources, about half a million visitors visit Oxford street daily.

  Which is the longest London street?

Rotherhithe Street is the longest street in London. It is around 2.4 km long. The street starts from London’s Surrey Docks and ends at Elephant Lane in Rotherhithe.

   Which street in London is famous for shopping?

Oxford Street is famous for shopping all over the world. It is home to over 300 shops, top designer outlets, and high-end chains. The energy of the street alone is enough reason to be added to your tour.

 What is the oldest London street?

Watling Street is famous for being the oldest street in London. It is a historic route that crosses the Thames River. Ancient Britons used this route during the Roman Empire.