Double-Decker Bus became unique and symbolic for London. This happened when in 1907 they painted all the buses in red colour in order to stand out from other bus companies.

How Many Double-Decker Bus are in London?

Transport for London manages the most extensive bus network with around 8,500 vehicles. The 50 Double-Decker Bus stations covering up to 19,500 bus stops on the London bus routes. This massive coverage makes the network the largest bus network in Europe. Therefore, there is absolutely no pressure waiting for London buses, because they are very reliable. 

double decker bus London

What Does the Bus Network in London Offer? 

The first advantage of travelling by London Double-Decker buses is cheap. Also,  pleasing, and is hassle-free to get to your destination. Buses in London is one of the best ways to move around the city. Especially if you are visiting London for the first time. The London Red Buses are available 24 hrs a day on any street or major roads. However, there is a reduced service after midnight, and the number of buses will be less every hour. Another noble advantage is that children aged up to 11-years ride free. Imagine sitting on the top deck of one of these famous red buses and observing all the sights. Travelling by underground doesn’t give you this advantage.

Do Double-Decker Buses Run All Night in London?

Nighttime plan for buses in London started running in 1913. Currently, the 24-hour routes operate during the day and night time. The night buses do not have specific numbers, but they have the letter “N” next to their daytime number. For example, bus number 37 at night is N37.

London bus routes

The whole London Transport map comprises 9 zones. But Zone one is in central, and the zones are spreading out from the centre. If you travel underground and need to go to other zones, extra charges apply. But, with London Red Buses, the price of a short or long journey is the same. Therefore, if you have enough time, the cheapest way to travel is the buses. However, you need to consider the time schedule for travelling by bus. 

What Is The Cheapest Way to Travel Around London?

Obviously, the Oyster cards and the Contactless cards are the cheapest choices to pay for your travel cost. The best advantage is that they can use technologies to restrict travellings cost. However, they have a bit of difference between the two.

Contactless Card
Contactless Bank Card

You can use any of these two payment methods to pay for one-off journeys as pay-as-you-go or daily cap. Here we have explained what are the Advantages Of using Oyster Card or Contactless Cards in London.

You can use the following four methods to pay for your travel cost.

  • Buy a travel card
  • use a contactless card
  • get hold of an Oyster card
  • pay cash

Can You Use Contactless Card For London buses?

Yes, sure, using the contactless card is one of the cheapest methods of payment for your travel cost.

Do Buses Take Cash?

Since July 2014, the Double-Decker buses in London don’t accept any cash payment. However, if you need a day travel in cash, use the ticket machines in stations. You can find these machines in places like underground, Overground, DLR, or National Rail. Alternatively, you can try the visitor centre or shops with a PayPoint sign.

Do London Buses take Apple pay?

Yes. You can use Apple Pay in most of London Public Services. Such as Buses, Tube, DLR, Rail stations and almost all National Rail services. Nevertheless, using Apple Pay will be the same as ‘Pay as you go’.

How Much Is The Bus Fare?

A single journey cost is £1. 50 however, if you buy a daily bus pass which cost £4. 50, you can use free limitless buses and trams.

Can You Pay The Double-Decker Bus Fare With A Debit Card?

Yes, sure. However,  you need a contactless debit card to pay your fare. All the Double-Decker Buses in London have new technology equipment to accept payment in a second from your contactless card or phone.

Is There Any Map Available For London Bus Routes?

 The Bus maps are free to download. You can download from below of this page. 

Double-Decker Bus Maps

Download the key bus routes in central London

Tube Maps

Download the Night Tube Map

Download the Day Tube Map