London Zoo is Not Just an ordinary Zoo. You can live in luxury and enjoy two-course dinners with breakfast (available from May right through to December). The Zoo in London is a must to visit the place. Take a long breath and go to the Zoo with your family.

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What animals does the London Zoo have?

London Zoo is the oldest scientific wildlife zoo on this planet. The London Zoo opened in London on 27 April 1828. The purpose of opening the zoo was the scientific study of a selection of wildlife. But now, the Zoo houses a collection of 698 species of animals. Such as Giraffes, Pygmy Hippos, Okapi, Zebras, Lemurs, Meerkats, polar bears, and much more. This is one of the biggest collections in the United Kingdom. The identity of different animals in the Zoo is delightful for your kids. Bring them to this Zoo to create a great day. Though the primary motive of this Zoo is scientific discoveries, it has much more than this. The wide range of animals not only has appeal for eyes and is a great source of amazement.


Can you stay at London Zoo?

The Zoo is not just an ordinary zoo and is a must-do attraction. If you are planning a trip to London, try to stay over for a night at the brand new lodge inside of the Zoo. The Gir Lion lodge situated within the zoo has some great overnight packages just near the roaring king of the jungle. Visitors can encounter ZSL London Zoo at night throughout the year and find out what goes on when everyone returns home. It’s safe and exciting to stay over. So, next time you go there don’t make haste to return.

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Live in luxury and enjoy two-course dinners with breakfast available from May right through to December. Live in one of the nine lodges with accommodation for adults and families. Enjoy one night’s lodgings with a free drink on arrival. Take private tours directed by their knowledgeable hosts by sunset, torchlight, and early mornings. Enjoy free parking with two-day free entry to the zoo. Also, if you prefer to visit this famous zoo, it is open from 10:00 am daily and you can find it situated in Regent’s Park. This is a place where you know about the lives of the animals closely. Things can become more interesting if you can give more time to explore this Zoo. Once you make a decision then you can take as much enjoyment as possible. You will love this place.

London Zoo

How much does the London Zoo cost?

For visiting London Zoo the adult tickets are available from £24.25 up and for the kids; it is only from £17.60 up. Concession tickets are also available and under a 3-year-old go in free.  If you are planning a group tour, there are some great discounts available for larger groups stopping over at the London Zoo. Enjoy the grand tours and go on a safari at sunset or take the kids on a special day tour. These activities are essential to maintain the delightful faces of the kids. So, no excuse to miss these places. Have the children join in the festival for more information, contact us.


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Let the kids become an ANIMAL warden for the day. Take part in the workshops or have your VIP encounter. The London Zoo packed with loads of things to do and see. Relax in one cafe, outdoor dining, or enjoy a beer.

The zoo caters to the disabled, and they even have wheelchairs available for the disabled and old. Pack your picnic basket and enjoy it with the family at the picnic areas. These facilities are just for you. So that you can enjoy it without any problem. Your physical weakness is not a problem here. You just need to have some courage to make it enjoyable. Just imagine how beautiful it is to be freely wheelchair all the zoo!


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When you visit London Zoo, you can view more than hundreds of different animal species at the Zoo for all to enjoy and see–so take a break and see the wonders of this zoo! It’s amazing to imagine! Just take a step forward.

Where is the nearest tube station to London Zoo?

For walking distance, the Zoo is 15 minutes away from Camden Town Underground Station (Northern Line) and 20 minutes from Regent’s Park (Bakerloo Line). However, you can take bus number 274 from Baker Street and ride to the zoo. At the same time also, enjoy the view of the city with double-decker buses. 

This was a simple Zoo guide for you. You can open new dimensions of the Zoo tour with your keen desire to see more. Just keep an eye on time so that you can explore all the zoo!