Brick Lane Market A Perfect Place to Shop in London


Sunday is the best day to visit Brick Lane Market, though you will find the shops and restaurants are open daily.

The Truman Markets

Brick Lane Market or The Truman Markets can be found at the north end of Brick Lane and along Cheshire Street. TheMarket is one of the most top markets in London. Tourists and visitors from all over England and the entire globe come to this market.  They enjoy their time and shopping and very good quality foods.  Also, the Market is the place for Artists, designers, collectors, wonders to meet up and share their experience.

Brick Lane Sunday Market

Sunday visit to the Market

As can be seen on Sundays, the streets are lined with people hawking their second-hand wares with some good bargains if you look hard enough. One incredible aspect of this market is that you find street performers to make the atmosphere more vibrant, lively and joyful.

As a chaotic, bustling artistic hub, Brick-lane Market attracts a lot of young Londoners who are in quest of second-hand items. The fun of this market is that you never know what you’ll find from cheap leather clothes, old magazines and kitsch collections to stunning silks and Art Deco furniture.

Brick Lane Market Sunday 

What is Brick Lane famous for?

The world known market in London is a large flea market with a rich diversity of products and wares with everything. Such as Food, second-hand clothes, bric-a brac, furniture, magazine, electrical equipment and all sorts of other weird and unusual things. In summary, the market spreads over a relatively large area and many streets with some different stalls selling goods and items where you can have a good bargain. Nevertheless, Sunday is the best day to visit this market, though you will find the shops and restaurants are open daily. Moreover, The Truman Marketplace consists of five various markets. 

The Sunday UpMarket, Backyard Market, The Boiler House Food Hall, The Tea Rooms and  Vintage Market

The Sunday UpMarket 

The Sunday UpMarket situated in the Old Truman Brewery’s Ely’s Yard. Ely’s Yard as well serves several events and holds shops, pubs, bars, artwork and the restaurants. Sunday UpMarket also offers vintage and handmade clothing. Also, you will find designed accessories, Handmade jewellery, music, arts, crafts, and natural and organic foods.

Numerous of the crofts or other items which you can find in Sunday UpMarket are exceptional and unique. Things which are produced and created by the actual sellers. UpMarket is an excellent place for rising designers and natural cuisine”.


Sunday UpMarket Opening Hours:

Sundays: 10 am till 5 pm, Contact Number:020 7770 6028

brick lane market sunday
street Arts Brick Lane Market

Backyard Market

The Backyard Market is significantly exceptional and unique to let younger artists and creative designers have a chance to display their work. The Market over 80 stalls,  provides a mixture of independent individual and retail outlets. 

Backyard Market Opening Hours

Sundays: 10 am till 5 pm, Contact Number:020 7770 6028 


The Boiler House

The Boiler House in Brick Lane Food Market offers around thirty stalls of international foods. For instance, Italian, Polish, Lithuanian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Peruvian, Japanese and Caribbean-Asian fusion. Chinese

The Bolier House Opening Hours

Saturdays11 am till 6 pm, Sundays10 am till 5 pm, Contact Number:020 7770 6028 


Tea Rooms Market

The Tea Rooms is named because of its large variety of teas and coffees as well as traditional baked goods, antiques, silk, furniture, collector’s items as well as handmade goods. 

Tea Rooms Market Opening Hours

Saturdays11 am till 6 pm, Sundays10 am till 5 pm, Contact Number:020 7770 6028 


The Vintage Market

You can find The Vintage Emporium downstairs, under the main cafe. The market is one of the best places for vintage clothing, accessories, antiques and homeware, with all stock from the 1950s. 

Not to mention, as a tourism point, the Brick Lane Food Market is quite known for Asian and Indian food items, including snacks and products. Take your place in one of the long queues and experience a quality takeaway or delicious sit-down meals at a special price. 

Brick Lane Food Market

Also, to these luring markets, the Brick lane food market is equally famous for its fantastic and lovely restaurants, hotels and pubs. Besides, the tourists can merge themselves in high luxury and comforts with delicious and spicy meals and much more. 

After all, let us recommend you the best and most exotic international restaurants in the Brick Lane Food Market you must go after your shopping include:

  • Meraz Restaurant

The Meraz Restaurant is famous for its freshly homemade food. It is the perfect venue for visitors and tourists who like a variety of tasty and fresh dishes.

  • Brick Lane Brasserie

This restaurant situated in the heart of Brick Lane and offers the best classic Indian cuisine based on traditional recipes. In case, if you are looking for one of the best quality and service, try this restaurant indeed.

  • Aladin Brick Lane

Surely, this restaurant is one of the world’s best curry house. Visitors and tourists are always in the queue here for its incredible quality and service.

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In other words, whenever you plan to explore Brick Lane or London, don’t forget to visit these hot places of attractions and beauty.


Finally, How do I get to Brick Lane?

In the first place and before everything, make sure that you have prepared your Oyster Card or Contactless bank card in order to pay less for travel.

To get to the market, the best way is to use the journey planner to find your way to Brick Lane. All you need is from what street or road you will start your journey. 

Transport The actual nearest London Underground stations are Aldgate East and Liverpool Street.

The London Overground Shoreditch High-street station is also a few minutes walking distance.

journey_planner Brick Lane Market

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