Billy Elliot Musical

The Billy Elliot Musical movie, three Oscar-nominated and 13 Bafta awards!

The Billy Elliot Musical directed by Stephen Daldry. The lyrics by Lee Hall and the music by Sir Elton John.  Over 12 million people across the world watched the Billy Elliot the Musical live show. The play collected above 80 awards in its lifetime. The show lasts for 11 years with extreme success in London’s West End. However, the show continued to play around the world until 2018 in Japan and Korea.

What is the story of Billy Elliot the Musical?

The Billy Elliot story created by Lee Hall. This story is about a boy in his town who look for his abilities and talent as a professional dancer, regardless of the expectations as well as prejudices of his surrounding environment.

The show you how Billy brought up by his father in Northern mining town. The town is where most boys, expected to box and not dance, let alone dream of enrolling in the Royal Ballet School. After roaming around town and finding a place with ballet classes, he joins. His dance teacher spots his talent, encouraging him to apply to the Royal Ballet. The Billy Elliot Musical storey will leave you inspired as you follow his triumphs and hardships. But he fights to prove everyone wrong and pushing through all the ordeals he faces.

The Victoria Theatre was showing the Billy Elliot musical a highly praised version of the Oscar award-winning film of Stephen Daldry, with music by Sir Elton John. The story was about mid-1980 when Billy Elliot was following his dreams from being a Boxing fighter in the ring to a ballet dancer.

Billy Elliot Musical

The Musical

Billy Elliot Musical was nominated for three Oscars and 13 Bafta awards. The film captured many people’s hearts around the globe. Over 10 million delighted audiences around the world praised the play and paid a visit to Billy Elliot Musical.

The musical play directed by Stephen Daldry with lyrics by Lee Hall and opened up in London in 2005. From February 2016 the Billy Elliot Musical to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the play by starting a UK & Ireland tour.

The running time for the Billy Elliot musicals is (was) 3 hrs, and the show is (was) recommended for eight years old and older.

Billy Elliot musical

How to get to Victoria Palace Theatre?

By Underground (Metro-Subway)

The nearest underground is Victoria which is on District (Green Line) Circle (Yellow Line) and Victoria Line (Blue). The Victoria Palace Theatre is just a few minutes away from the station.

By London Red Buses

The following Bus number have stop at Victoria Bus Station


By Train: The nearest stop is Victoria Train Station which is few minutes walking distance.

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Is Billy Elliot still playing in London?

The original musical play started in Newcastle upon at the TyneTyne Theatre in the UK. However, the performance discontinued due to financial difficulties that the Tyne Theatre’s operator was facing. The musical play launched in the London West End at the Victoria Palace Theatre but closed down in April 2016, once the theatre shut down due to refurbishment.