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big ben 2899429 1280 min

Big Ben London is not currently open to the public. But the visitor from overseas can still see the clock tower. Which is standing tall and pay a visit to the Houses of Parliament.


Big Ben walking in London

Big Ben is one of London’s famous monuments to visit while in the UK. The bell has fallen silent for the next four years while undergoing construction. Also, the official tours of Big Ben London are not operating for the next few years. Yet, it does not stop the visitors from attending London’s clock. Big Ben London is close to the public. But the UK residents can write to their MP (a member of the parliament) to set up a visit. The visitor from overseas can still see the clock tower standing tall and pay a visit to the Houses of Parliament. London EyeWestminster Abbey, London Dungeon, or Buckingham Palace. The tower is free to tour, but the parliament buildings have entry fees. You can make most of both of these.

Big Ben History and Facts

Big Ben rang for the first time in May 1859. But a few months later and in September 1859, the bell cracked. They fitted a lightweight hammer that still rings today, except that it is now under construction. The London clock tower has 3Big Ben London99 steps. Visitors can climb to the Belfry, and Ayrton Light found on the top of the tower. In 1834, a fire destroyed the Palace of Westminster. A year later, the Houses of Parliament decided it should have a clock tower. The first bell constructed by John Warner & Sons cracked under pressure. They melted the metal down and recast it in the Whitechapel in 1858.

There are many theories about the name. The first one is that the Clock Tower called after Sir Benjamin Hall, who worked in the quarters of Big Ben. Another argument was they named it after a boxing champion, Benjamin Caunt. Some interesting facts about it. Such as each dial of Big Ben is seven meters in diameter and there are 312 pieces of glass in each clock dial. Another point is that Big Ben rarely stopped. Even when a bomb destroyed the Commons chamber and continued to strike the hours.


Visit Big Ben London and Houses of Parliament

Neighbouring the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, you will find Big Ben in all its glory. In 2012, The MPs rename the Clock Tower to Elizabeth Tower. But they decided this to honour the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Now you may wonder how tall Big Ben is. The tower stands 96 meters tall and is sometimes referred to as the clock tower. Big Ben London is the capital’s most well-known landmark. The London clock tower and Houses of Parliament are must-see attractions. And The bell weighs over 13,760 kg and looks amazing at night.


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