Find out about the great useful tips for travelling to London.

Undoubtedly, your London Travel it can happen smoother if you are aware of the bellow best travel tips London. Just go through them and get the advantage of the following tips for your London Travel. 

 ➡ All London airports are well-connected to central London. Shuttle buses, trains and the underground all are operating from the main London airports to this great City.

Travel Tips London oyster 💡 Another best travel tips London that we can offer is to remind you not to forget your Oyster card. Make sure to get your Oyster Card which can make your journey easier. You are able to buy Visitor Oyster Card in advance and get it delivered to your address before your London Travel.

💡 You may use the card for a variety of general public transport in London, by simply tapping it when you enter and exit. Just make sure you do that otherwise you get charged double. 

 💡 Also, in case you run out of credit, just easily buy more credit from all newsagent shops or at any station.

 💡 In a case of forgetting to buy your Oyster card in advance, don’t panic! They are available at the airports. Alternatively, you can use your countless bank cards instead of Oyster card and the price is the same.

 💡 Most of Bed and Breakfast (B&B) accommodations provide traditional English breakfasts of fried eggs, sausages, bread, tomatoes, beans and mushrooms. Numerous additionally have a light buffet style breakfast which contains cereals, yoghurts and so on. If you would like to have different things or have specific allergic reactions, just send an email to your hotel and let them know in advance.

 💡 Pubs or cafes are fast, reasonable, and available for breakfast or lunch, however not necessarily great. Local bakeries also offer takeaway options. In the UK, French fries (called chips) which is served with ketchup and vinegar.

 💡 Using the buses or walking to discover the city is another best travel tips London that we can offer. However, If you decide to have a quick ride, just use the underground (Metro) and avoid it during rush hours if you can.

 💡 Stand on the correct side (Right) on tube escalators; walk on the left-hand Hotel prices

 💡 London street maps are FREE and normally available at the hotel’s reception or lobby.

 💡 If you are going somewhere by train (National Rails), cut costs by buying a Rail pass and use it on off pick (normally after 9:30 am) hours and spend less.

 💡 For travelling outside the city, buses are known as coaches. Your journey might take a bit longer compared to trains, but much more affordable.

 💡 In the UK, cars drive on the left side of the street. Bear in mind to check to the RIGHT before walking away from a kerb.

 💡 If you hold a valid United States driver’s license, a global one is not required in the United Kingdom.

 💡 In a case of hiring a car in the UK, until you are relaxed for the left hand to drive and change the gears, arrange an automatic car.

 💡 Gas, Fuel or Petrol stations are few and far in between, especially in the countrysides, so make sure to maintain your tank full. Also, the Stations are self-serve.

 💡 The countryside roads are very narrow,

Best travel tips London




 so get ready for it!

 💡 Paying Tips for your service is not a must in the UK; you can pay tips if you are happy with the service. But because of Low wage, people are relying on your tips.

Best travel tips London

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