A perfect guide for you to find “Best Budget Hotels in London” 

How to find cheap areas to stay in London?

Search for the best budget hotels in London is one of the highest numbers of search when it comes to booking hotels in London.  People are searching for Budget Hotels London, low-cost hotels in London, the best cheap hotels in London and the best affordable hotels in London.

But, the big question is how to find the best budget hotels in London? There are two ways for your search to be successful. One is if you know when and where to book and second, is to compare the prices. After all, if you follow our guide, finding cheap hotels in London shouldn’t be a tough challenge.


To find the comparison price, take the following few steps. Type your destination. Like London airport hotels or Kensington area hotels. Then choose your arrival date, departure date, and the room type in the window search box. Finally, hit the search button. So, this option will search for all the top-rated websites online. There you can find a big list of hostels. There will be some cheap and others may be costly. Just select the one which suits you best.

For example, the result shows how much the same room in the same hotel is offered by booking.com or Hotels.com, Agoda, Ketel, Hotelbeds, and the others. The result is auspicious. As you can select the best offer from all these online hotel bookings provides, with over a few thousand Discounted Hotels in London. With these facilities, everyone should be able to find hotels matched with their budget in and around London. This is the edge that you can get with a little effort. Just keep a checklist and decide which hostel you want to select. Try to keep in your mind the nearby places of the hostel as well.

What is the star rating for hotels?

In short, the rating is based on providing an excellent level of service and reliable customer care.

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There are many conditions which should be fulfilled to become a five-star hotel. Such as the hospitality, cleanliness, and the standard of physical facilities should be perfect. There are also some other facilities such as a pool, big main receiving area, and conference rooms. So, this is the concept of great services. You find that some hotels also offer great services, but some don’t. So, you need to check it very carefully.

But there’s something that most people don’t know. Such as the rating system of the hotels is voluntary. Most of the hotels decide to rate themselves. Because there’s no standard set by the governments on the state level. This is the main reason why most of the hotels don’t have compatibility between their rating and the quality of their services.

A lot of smaller hotels and some large ones have used the self-rating option. But the facilities present the star rankings and not quality or not about how pleasant the place is. So this the reason you should search for the right hotel carefully. It’s a good step to read or search for something beforehand about the hotel you intend to have your residence in.

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Cheap London b&bs and low-cost hotels- London

For many young or budget travellers who are looking for Low-cost hotels in London, Hostels can be an option to consider. With this option, you can put your head on the pillow and rest your head in shared rooms. If you are finding London dormitory hostels, please read our guide for hostels in London here. This is a great guide which will help you a lot. Give it a turn.

Average Price for the best budget places to stay in London

The average budget accommodation for two people with fair and reasonable quality in London costs around £59 to £99 per night per room. So, when there is high demand due to events, the price can reach up to £150 per night and even more. It means the prices can change with the situation.

Bed and breakfast budget Hotels in Central London

You will get an overnight residence with Bed and Breakfast hotels paying no extra. Some cheap hotels in London don’t have an elevator.

As you’re looking for cheap hotels, so don’t expect perfect services. Still, these hotels will provide you with a cosy place to take some rest. While you are planning to explore the city, you can safely leave your luggage at your hotel. So you need to compromise on the quality if you want to enjoy some save money in your pocket. But that’s not a point of pain here. As the main intent is to visit the places so you will stay shortly in your apartments or rooms.


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Cheap areas to stay in London

The best budget places to stay in London

Here is the list of  cheap areas to stay in London:

Victoria, King’s Cross St Pancras, Paddington, Bayswater, and Earls Court district. However, some more are available in and around London.

4 star & 5 Star luxurious hotels

Overall, London has a lot of super high-class and luxury well known four and 5-star hotels. But sometimes the prices are above the budget of many visitors.

4 star & 5 Star luxurious hotels

Many vacationers desire comfy and relaxing holiday accommodation while on holiday. They want a bit more room space compare to the budget hotels. Some prefer a spacious and large lounge,  eating place or restaurant, perhaps a spa treatment or Gem.

London provides Almost all worldwide chains such as Holiday Inn, Novotel, Marriott, Hilton, Park Plaza in most of London hotel district. If you demand something more romantic and boutique, the option is vast as well.

Apartments & family accommodation

Finding family accommodation might be a challenge. Especially if the number of guests is more than four. Hotel Apartments provide an excellent option and solution for the family or friends group. You can find many of these apartments in Kensington, Kings Cross, Bayswater districts, and throughout the City Of London.

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Hotels near London airports

We offer hotel reservations for Hotels at London’s airports, including a car park if you need it.  Moreover, we offer a price warranty for both hotels and parking, which saves you money. Read more about hotels near London airports…!