Bank of England Museum is one of the free museums to visit in London.

The Bank of England Museum is in the heart of London, right at the premises of the Bank of England itself. Earlier, the entry to the bank’s selections was possible only through the appointment. The bank officials were escorting site visitors. The display and the exhibit were minimal. But that changed with the time. It’s great impact attracts people, and this creates a change.


In the 1980s, the Bank of England divided its collections to the public available. So, this decision brought up the idea of having a museum for a broader audience. But, the plan paused for a fire in 1986, which did severe damage to the Bank’s area. After the fire, the plan started and took around 18 months to finish — the modern museum created by exhibition experts Higgins Gardner & Partners. In 1988, Queen Elizabeth II opened the museum. The new start was on the horizon.

See Banknotes & Loads of Gold

The museum is showcasing a vast number of collections of coins and paper money that the Bank of England has minted and printed respectively over the past centuries, as early as those used since the start of operating. At the museum, you can see the banknote designs and the sculpted lions. Inside the museum, you can discover what the bank does and how the financial systeBank of England Museumm works. You will know why people began using the notes and how the bank makes the paper money hard to copy. The bank’s court is the place where all the strategy and decision making happen regarding financial policies and stabilities.

Discover the way the bank of England trying to steady the cost of items and goods how the bank of England’s decision can affect people’s lives. Learn how the bank works hard to ensure that the financial system is secure and safe. That’s going to add a lot of insights to your mind. This will be an incredible visit to this place.

Is the Bank of England Museum free?

The Bank of England Museum has over 10,000 square feet available space for display, where visitors can enjoy a full tour of the history of the bank and its subsequent collections available for viewing all year long. Along with other London attractions, like the London EyeTower of LondonTower BridgeBig Ben, and Westminster Abbey, the museum became the popular museum to visit. Access and all the activities, displays, exhibitions, and presentations are free. It’s fun, and it’s great family days out and free! You will make some solid memories.

The museum showcasing a wide number of collections of coins and paper money that the Bank of England has minted and printed respectively over the past centuries as early as those used since the foundation of the bank itself. At the museum, you can see the banknote designs and of course the sculpted lions. Inside the museum, you can discover what the bank does and how the financial system works. You will understand why people began to use notes and how the bank makes the paper money hard to copy.

Bank of England Museum Gold Bar

In the Rotunda room, you may hold up a gold bar and see the famous place of gold. Bank of England holds around 400,000 gold bars in the underground vaults. They do not allow eating or drinking within the museum. There is no café or restaurant inside.

"Series D" £20 note, issued from 1970 to 1991.
“Series D” £20 note, issued from 1970 to 1991.

Parking and Car Parks near Bank of England Museum

Near the museum, there is no disability car park available. But, you can find a map of disabled car parking in the area here. You might discover TFL’s (Transport for London) accessibility guideline or this link helpful. Or check out the City of London Corporation map to find out about designated disabled parking bays in that area. Bank of England also has small presents and a gift shop.


Accessibility to Bank of England Museum

    • The wheelchair user should go to the main entrance of the bank. The address of the main entrance: Threadneedle Street, London EC2R 8AH.
    • When you get there, make sure you push the large button with a wheelchair sign-on. The security staff will handle the lift to the museum. At the museum, also one member of the team will help you to the museum.
    • The museum can accept a maximum of six wheelchairs at a time.
    • If you need help while you are visiting the museum, go to the information desk and speak to them.
    • The accessible toilet without an elevator is available.
    • The museum allows guide and assistance dogs.
    • You can borrow a wheelchair from the information desk. However, they can not help accompany you.
    • Accessibility Guide from TFL (Transport for London)

Bank of England Museum Address:

Threadneedle Street, London EC2R 8AH

How to get to The Bank of England Museum?

open bus tours london to bank of england museum

Hop on Hop off Bus Tours:

If you planning to buy or already have the ticket for the Hop on Hop off bus tours, you can use the same bus route and take off near The Bank of England Museum. You can ask the tour operator or the bus driver to alert you.

By London Red Buses:

bank of england museum

Another choice is London Red Buses. The following bus numbers have a stop near the Bank of England Museum: Bus number 8, 11,21, 23,25,26,43,47,48,76,133,141,149 and 242.

 By Underground (Metro):

bank of england museumThe nearest Tube station to the Bank of England Museum is the Bank Tub Station, which is on Central (The Red Line) and Northern (Black Line). Also, the Monument and Cannon Street Underground Stations are just a few minutes away from the museum.

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