Bank of England Museum

Bank of England Museum

Bank of England Museum is one of the free museums in London.  

Bank of England Museum located in the centre of London right at the premises of the Bank of England itself.

The museum is relatively new, opening in 1994 and showcasing a wide number of collections of coins and paper money that the Bank of England has minted and printed respectively over the past centuries as early as those used since the foundation of the bank itself.

At the museum, you can see the banknote designs and of course the sculpted lions.

The bank’s court is the place where all the strategy and decision making happening in regards to financial policies and stabilities.

bank of england museum

The Museum has over 10,000 square feet available space for display, where visitors can enjoy a detailed tour of the history of the bank and its subsequent collections available for display all year long. It’s fun and its great family days out and more importantly free!

How to get to The museum?

OK Let’s see how can we get to the museum.

Address: Threadneedle Street, London EC2R 8AH

Opening Hours of Bank of England Museum:

Monday to Friday 10 am -5 pm

Contact number: 020 7601 5545

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open bus tours london to bank of england museum

Hop on Hop off Bus Tours:

If you have the Hop on Hop off ticket simply you can use the same bus by taking the RED or YELLOW route and take off near The Bank of England Museum. You can ask the tour operator or the bus driver to alert you.


bank of england museum

By London Red Buses:

Another choice is the London Red Buses. The following bus numbers have a stop near the Bank of England Museum:

 Bus number 8,11,21,23,25,26,43,47,48,76,133,141,149 and 242

 By Underground (Metro):

bank of england museumThe nearest Tube station to the Bank of England Museum is the Bank Tub Station which is on Central (The Red Line) and Northern (Black Line).Also, the Monument and Cannon Street Underground Stations are just a few minutes away from the museum.


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